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[Vita Review] The Quiet Collection: Quiet, Please!


The Quiet Collection is a package of four totally cute games with an 8-bit retro feeling. I’ll review each of those games over the course of the week, and today, I’m reviewing the first game of the package: Quiet, Please!

After an annoying day at school, you just want some peace and quiet. But everything at home is so noisy! Dad is channel surfing, Mom is on the phone and your pesky kid brother won’t go to bed!


Quiet, Please!” presents to us the story of a girl who wants some peace after an awful day at school, but everyone around her is noisy: her mom, dad, brother, the kittens and even the neighbor! She’ll have to give everyone what they want to calm them!

The gameplay consists of short puzzles where you must find a series of various objects and use (or give) them to the people in your surroundings. It might seem easy at first, but some of the puzzles require thinking outside of the box!

I thought that this game was a refreshing adventure game with a cute setting and liked playing through it. I managed to clear this game in around 30 minutes (which rewards you with silver trophy), but fear not, there are three whole other games to play in this package!

Take note that there aren’t any save options in this game, so you have to do it in one go, or use the Vita’s sleep feature.

[review pros=”Fun puzzles
Cute setting” cons=”None” score=85]


Cost: $4.99 (Included in the Quiet Collection)

PSN Game Size: 100MB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Nostatic Software.