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[Vita Review] The Quiet Collection: Candy, Please!


We’re already at the final game in The Quiet Collection package! Yesterday, I reviewed Vacation Vexation and today I’m on to enjoying “Candy, Please!”.

It’s Halloween – a time to dress up, carve pumpkins and amass glorious amounts of candy. Let nothing stop you from getting your fair share!


In “Candy, Please!”, we follow our cute little duo on their Halloween day. The first mission you’ll have in this game is to make a costume for you and your little brother to go Trick or Treat with at your neighbors’ houses! There are a lot of items this time around, but you now can organize and combine them in a wardrobe in your room. The puzzles are trickier this time since you must use the items found everywhere in the house or in the neighborhood to build several costumes for both kids! On top of that, some items can’t be used as is and must be changed to fit the costume’s need.

Why do you need more than one costume for each character? Because their plan is to change costumes and request more candy from houses that they have already visited! I liked this idea and the complicity between the small duo. At least one of the items was quite hard to figure out where it was, but thanks to the wardrobe the whole process is more streamlined. Besides, who doesn’t like to make costumes for Halloween?

The progress in Candy, Please! can be saved (like in Vacation Vexation), so you can resume your progress. It took me a little over an hour to complete this game, and I got a shiny Gold for my trouble!

There we are, the four games in the Quiet Collection have been reviewed and I felt like I could’ve continued playing them! I liked the setting and the actual gameplay. If you’re a trophy hunter, you should be pleased too because all trophies in this game can be achieved in around 3 hours. Since the game is very affordable. do not hesitate to give it a try it!

[review pros=”Great Halloween setting
A lot of costumes to make” cons=”The Quiet Collection is over!” score=90]


Cost: $4.99 (Included in the Quiet Collection)

PSN Game Size: 100MB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Nostatic Software.