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PS3BlogCast Episode 177

Welcome to the Metal Gear Solid V spoiler episode. Ok, it’s not all Metal Gear focused, but after we get through some of the news and some talk about SOMA and The Taken King, MissXya and I get into full on spoiler talk.

There was a lot of news regarding release date announcements as well as delays, so there seemed to be a nice theme this episode. I’m a little bummed that Hitman got delayed to 2016, but with so much I still need to get through right now it’s not too bad.

I am excited for the Twitch app that will be coming to PlayStation consoles soon, that way I’ll be able to watch some StarCraft tournaments on my TV. This should also make it a lot easier to find your friends streaming, or at least cut down the steps required to watch them. Though I think they said in 3.0 they’ll be improving some of the social features which could help.

Naughty Dog delayed Uncharted 4 to nail the ending, which I’m totally fine with, but what about you? Are you okay with waiting for a more polished product? I’d assume most fans of the series would be, but let us know in the comments below!

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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Life is Strange final episode release date
  • Might No. 9 gets new release date
  • Hitman delayed to 2016
  • Naughty Dog explains the Uncharted 4 delay
  • Naughty Dog clarifies Last of Us 2 rumors
  • Wolfenstein sequel?
  • Twitch app coming to PlayStation platforms in the fall
  • SOMA
  • Destiny
  • Metal Gear Solid V more spoiler talk
  • Secret Word