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[PS4 Review] The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

The Book of Unwritten Tales Logo

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 was a successful Kickstarter project that smashed its initial $65,000 goal by almost reaching $110,000 back in 2014. Before we dive into this review, I did want to mention that King Art Games currently has a kickstarter going for an RPG called The Dwarves that, if funded, will also be released on PlayStation 4!

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a comical fantasy point and click adventure game set in the world of Adventasia. Four characters and their stories will collide as the game progresses in this direct sequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales which unfortunately is not available on PS4.


The second game is set a short time after book 1, and you will get a chance ot play as Ivo the Elf princess who has discovered she is with child but has no idea how she got pregnant as she has not umm…. well, you know! So as you can imagine, there’s a lot of fun and lighthearted humour in Ivo’s Story.

The Book of Unwritten Tales

Wilbur Weathervane is a gnome mage who has recently been appointed as a teacher at a mage school due to a shortage of mages. His antics are comical, and he even goes back in time in pixel format from the 32-bit to the 8-bit era – with no voice! Out of all the stories, Wilbur Weathervane’s chapter remains my favourite.

Then you have Nate Bonnet and his sidekick Critter who have to deal with an unpleasant pirate over some lost treasure, and Critter has the unfortunate task of trying to sober up a very drunk and passed out Nate!

The Book of Unwritten Tales - 1

As with traditional point and click games there are puzzles to solve – some are optional while others are needed to progress further. There are some sidequests too such as fixing the roof to save the rotten books in the future. Some of the puzzles are relatively simple, but others will require that you look around the environment to find clues. My advice would be to click on everything more than once if that option is available and to always check what is in your inventory… and if there is anything you can combine to progress further? You will get stuck a lot, but that is part of the fun!

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

As for the gameplay, instead of using the traditional point and click method that is in the PC version, you just use the x button on things and to exit areas, triangle for your inventory and circle for viewing stuff. It works very well on the PlayStation 4 version!

The Book of Unwritten Tales - 3

The game has a full trophy count including a Platinum, but there are a lot of missable trophies and no multiple saves option. In fact, the game does all the saving for you. So if you miss any, then another playthrough or two will be needed for a clean up. But otherwise it is a very easy platinum as long as you know what you’re doing!

The Book of Unwritten Tales - 4

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a 25 to 30-hour long point and click adventure full of references to other games like Fez and Final Fantasy, to name a few. Most point and click games are around 12 hours or less, but this game goes that extra mile. For a point and click I think 25 hours is just perfect! The graphics are wonderful and very well polished, the voice acting is excellent, the comedy is marvellously funny, and it will have you giggling for hours, and the characters are quirky, cute and full of adventure.

[review pros=”Fun and quirky characters
Brilliant locations.
Fantastic voice acting.” cons=”No multiple saves.” score=93]


This review is based on a digital copy of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 provided by Nordic Games.