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[PS4 Review] Zombie Vikings

Zombie Viking Header Image

Have you played Stick it to The Man? If you have then you will know that Zoink Games are known for making amazing quality games, and Zombie Vikings is no exception (and if you haven’t, go download Stick it to the Man right now!). Not only that, but Zombie Vikings is also an extremely funny game that will have you laughing into tears!

Zombie Vikings is a wacky four player brawler with a funny story, but don’t worry because you can play the game in single player if you can’t find three buddies to join you in this madcap title. Zombie Vikings is a story about how Odin got his magic eye stolen by the cruel idiot Loki. With Odin now blind as the proverbial bat, he has no choice but to summon four of the most fearsome Vikings in the land – Caw-Kaa, Seagurd, Hedgy and Gunborg – so they can travel across lands with equally wacky names to retrieve Odin’s stolen magic eye from the evil Loki.


Each of the four Vikings has their own backstory and unique individual abilities, which makes the game very varied. For example., the lower half of Seagurd’s body can transform into octopus tentacles and fling enemies or spin into enemies. If that’s the crazy skill of one character, then you can rest assured that the other three are just as wacky and fun.

Zombie Vikings - 1

Zombie Vikings has sidequests in all levels for extra added fun! They only require that you help find items, but you are generously rewarded for your work, and they are definitely worth doing because the dialogue alone is absolutely hilarious! There are additional routes and secret areas to look for, and you can also unlock new weapons to buy in shops. There is a lot to do in the 10-12 hour campaign. There are approximately 30 levels across eight worlds and each level and world is as crazy as the next. The dialog and voice acting are some of the best I have heard and the funniest I’ve experienced in years (along with what is included in Stick it to the Man)!

Zombie Vikings - 2

On top of the as single player mode, you can also play Zombie Vikings in a variety of multiplayer options. The Platinum Trophy is tied to the multiplayer – which is very unfortunate – and since multiplayer is mandatory to achieve a full trophy count you will need to find three worthy Vikings to join you on this mighty fun quest! You can play the story campaign with three other friends in co-op, and when your health meter depletes and you die, a buddy can retrieve your fallen head and revive you. This is not available in single player where once you die you automatically start again from the last checkpoint.

Zombie Vikings - 3

Zombie Vikings is one of the funniest games I have played in quite a while. If had me laughing a lot thanks to the characters and the voice acting which are absolutely first class. The gorgeous graphics are amazing, and the controls work flawlessly. Like I said, if you enjoyed Stick it to The Man then you will love Zombie Vikings.

[review pros=”Brilliant hand-drawn graphics.
Very funny dialog.
First class voice acting.” cons= “Online connection can be a bit hit and miss” score=88]


This review is based on a digital copy of Zombie Vikings provided by Zoink Games