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New My Little Pony DLC For Monopoly Plus

My Little Pony Monopoly Logo

Ubisoft got in touch with us to let us know that My Little Pony content is now available for MONOPOLY Plus on PlayStation 3 as downloadable content. This includes a custom-designed board with a My Little Pony theme where players can use the new Rainbow Dash Pony piece to play great properties rooted in the series, as is the case for Fluttershy’s Cottage and Sugarcube Corner, to name a few.


Monopoly - 1

The MONOPOLY Plus console game brings the classic board game to new heights with a colorful 3D-animated board that comes alive as you play. The MONOPOLY Plus game gives groups of up to 6 players the opportunity to choose their own adventure and tailor each game to their specific playing style. Players can customize their gameplay experience by selecting which of the “House Rules” they want to play, or pick up the pace with Speed Die mode, a fast-paced way of playing that allows you to move more freely around the board.

Monopoly - 2

Are you or someone in your family a fan of My Little Pony? Are you planning on getting this DLC? Let us know in the comments below!