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[Vita Puzzle Review] Super Blackout


Super Blackout is a very simple puzzle game available on the Playstation Vita and PS3, which was ported from the Playstation Mobile platform to the Vita. Read below to see what we thought of this game.

A feature-loaded, content-loaded puzzle game which challenges you to “black out” all of the lit-up tiles.

Previously on PS Mobile, this is an enhanced version of the game with new features, new graphics, and new audio.

Features include:
– 90 levels (30 each in Easy/Medium/Hard)
– Random level generator with adjustable difficulty
– Custom level editor
– Controls support both the gamepad and touchpad
– PlayStation TV support


Like I already mentioned, Super Blackout is a very simple puzzle game in which you must erase all the colored dots on the 6×6 grid. Each “click” changes the color of the underlying dot, and the four adjacent to it. Put simply, if you aren’t careful enough, you’ll light more dots that needed. As far as the gameplay goes, this is all there is to it. It might even be the simplest game of the whole Vita library.

This game features 90 levels, 30 in each of the easy, medium and hard settings. You can also play the game using a random level generator mode (which can generate easy, medium or hard levels). There is also a level editor that allows you to create your own levels and play them. I didn’t find how it was possible to upload or otherwise share the levels back to the community, so this feature will probably find some interest only in the trophy hunters (2 trophies can be obtained here in a single minute). Speaking of the trophies, some are awarded for clearing specific levels, some can be found in the level editor (as stated), and the rest are for clearing levels using the random levels generator.


Now about the game’s presentation: I didn’t like how the menus were presented for the game: they felt like something I’d find on my phone, but on the Vita, a more polished interface might have been the way to go. The background music became annoying after a few moments, so I turned it off in the game options. The sole sound effect of the game, however, is even MORE annoying than the background music and can’t be turned off, so I had to mute the whole console to enjoy the game without sound.


I honestly played a little less than an hour, completed all the easy levels and around half of the medium ones but I don’t see myself coming back to play the harder levels as my interest faded very quickly due to the aforementioned issues and the repetitive gameplay. If the game had been a buck or two, I might have been more forgiving, but for a $5 game, there’s definitely not enough here to justify the cost.

[review pros=”Puzzle game” cons=”Novelty wears fast
Menus presentation is awkward, and background music is weak” score=60]



Cost: $4.99

PSN Game Size: 68MB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Fordesoft.