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[PS3 Review] Pumped BMX+

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A former mobile release has hit PS systems, and it is Pumped BMX+ created by one-man team Yeah Us! If you have played games like Olli Olli (and its sequel), then this review is for you! Pumped BMX+ is a game of skill, and a lot of patience is required to get good at it.

The game is all about performing BMX tricks and getting the best score possible while completing set challenges as you go. There are 500 challenges across all levels difficulty from Flow being the easiest to Legend being the most difficult set. If you are new to bike sports, then I would suggest trying out the amazing tutorial levels. They are easy to follow and present a very fun way to learn all the mechanics of the game. You can replay them as often as you like for practice and improving your biking skills. The tutorial will teach you all the basics for how to perform some tricks like Backflip, Front Flip and such, so if you have played similar bike sports releases, then you will be familiar with the mechanics.


Across four sections, players will get to experience 50 levels with 500 challenges to complete. All you have to do to progress is finish the course, and if there’s a level that is proving to be too hard you can choose to skip it to try again later. The level backdrops range from wintery snow settings to a hot summer, but the weather has absolutely no effect on gameplay which is a shame as I think weather elements could have been used for even more challenging runs.

Pumped BMX - 1

The challenges will require you to do a lot of tricks to score X amount of points or to score high with a particular trick but if you fail to score the points you can try again. Each level course is quite short, and some levels have more than one challenge to complete, so be ready! If you miss a trick and fall off your back, you can retry without penalty. A lot of patience and perservereance is a necessity.

There is a fantastic leaderboards component where you can take a shot at the top as you chain trick, grind and wheel your way there where you can be crowned as king or queen of the BMX tracks!

Pumped BMX - 2

I do have to say that the one thing I didn’t like is the game’s soundtrack – I had to turn it off in the settings menu. But other than that everything else in the game is great. The graphics are pretty awesome thanks to the cartoony, and very vibrant art style and level design is very fun.

There is plenty to unlock as well. There are a variety of bikes, outfits and helmets for you to customize your character to your liking. You can unlock Advanced grinds after completing 400 challenges and then there is Glitch Mode, which can be unlocked after completing all of the challenges. Glitch Mode allows you to play Pumped BMX+ with all the bugs and glitches in place.

Pumped BMX - 3

Pumped BMX+ is a very fun game. The trophies for the game are very hard so getting that 100% will be a challenge in itself – they’re mostly tied to doing certain tricks under specific circumstances! The amount of content is definitely worth the price.

[review pros=”Plenty of content.
Fantastic graphics.” cons=”Bad music.
Can be a bit frustrating.” score=80]


This review is based on a digital copy of Pumped BMX+ provided by Curve Digital.