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[Zen Pinball 2 PS3 Review] American Dad!

American Dad Pinball

American Dad! is the second of four reviews in the Balls of Glory Pinball table pack that is available for download on your choice of platform and cross-buy is included – one purchase allows you to download the table on PS3, PS4, and Ps Vita.

As was the case for Bob’s Burgers, American Dad! is a fun, colorful, cartoony table to play, but unlike the table for Bob’s Burgers there aren’t as many features around the layout, which doesn’t mean this isn’t a fun table.


American Dad! is a popular TV show in the United States, and thanks to this pinball table you will get to have fun with all the characters from the show as you help Stan keep his country safe and help his family stay sane during your time with the game!

To start Missions in American Dad! you need to hit the fish tank at the top of the table a set number of times to open up a hole. You can tell what mission you are about to do by looking at the TV screen. Hitting the ramps will change the channels on the TV – which is a pretty cool feature – and this in turn changes the missions you are going to do.

American Dad - First

Another interesting feature is that the balls change color pretty frequently. It’s fun to see, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why the balls changed color since there doesn’t appear to be a purpose for this and it doesn’t seem to change the gameplay at all. As you play, the balls will change colors to white, blue, red and yellow.

This next bit is the best of this table: Once you start the Ice skating mission, the playing field will turn to ice, and then Stan and Francine will start skating around. You need to hit the lit up ramps to conclude the mission and avoid hitting the other skaters. It is one of the most awesome and interesting missions of American Dad! and my favorite mission of the table. There are many more to play, but I won’t spoil the fun since it’s better if you learn about them as you go.

Skating - American Dad

Something else I wanted to mention is that the animations are absolutely wonderful. If you are a fan of American Dad! you’re going to love this table. And if you have no knowledge of the TV series, don’t worry because you’ll still have a lot of fun playing this table. There are two more reviews coming for the Balls of Glory Pinball table pack, so be ready!

[review pros=”Plenty of missions and challenges.
Excellent voice acting.
Bright and vibrant graphics.” cons=”No complaints” score=90]



This review is based on a digital copy of the American Dad! pinball table for Zen Pinball 2 provided by Zen Studios.