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[Zen Pinball 2 PS3 Review] Family Guy

Family Guy Pinball Table Review

Family Guy is a famous and well-known cartoon that is loved by millions all around the world, and now we have a licensed pinball table based on it! Are you a fan of Family Guy? Are you a fan of Zen Pinball 2? Then read on! Family Guy Pinball Table is my third review for the Balls of Glory Pinball table pack which is available right now across PS3, PS4 and PSVita, with Cross-Buy included. One purchase net’s you all three versions!


The Family Guy pinball table has plenty of Challenges and missions to unlock. For example, if you hit the Chicken multiple times you will start the multiball with a Peter Ball and a Chicken ball. Also, you need to hit the ramps to spell out the names of each member of the family, and spelling a name in full unlocks a mission for that character. Once you’ve managed to play and complete a mission, you will earn a lot of points, and starting side missions will allow you to hear some awesome one-liners from the characters!

Overall this is a fun table for fans of the show. The table is not as good as Bob’s Burgers, and after reviewing three pinball table in the Balls of Glory pack, Bob’s Burger’s still comes out on top with Family guy coming out at the bottom. The graphics are good, and the sound effects are great, but the Skill Shot in Family Guy is tough to achieve. Once you hit Peter, he will move in pain for a few seconds, and I found that a bit annoying rather than funny – but that is my personal opinion.

Family Guy Pinball - 1

As I said there is not as much happening as on the Bob’s Burgers pinball table, but it is still a fun table to play. If you are a fan of the show, then you will be playing more than a couple of hours each night. As with previous tables, there is full voice acting that is always nice to hear. Not only that but the animations are brilliant as always.

The missions and challenges are fun to do as well – definitely worth a download despite the shortcomings of the table. Be on the lookout for my final review for the Balls of Glory Pinball table for Archer. I am sure Zen Studios will continue to crank out many more licensed pinball tables for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Family Guy Pinball - 12

[review pros=”Fun missions.
Fantastic voice acting.” cons=”Skill Shot with Peter is annoying.” score=80]



This review is based on a digital copy of the Family Guy pinball table for Zen Pinball 2 provided by Zen Studios.