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Kromaia Omega Now Available On PS4

Kromaia Logo

Rising Star Games partnered with Kraken Empire to release digital and physical versions of Kromaia Omega on Sony’s PS4. The game is now available for all to enjoy, and we’re currently working on a review for the game. Click after the break to check out the launch trailer for this shoot em up.

Kromaia - 1


Kromaia - 2

Kromaia Omega Features:

Interact with hundreds of physical objects, like massive asteroids, ancient temple ruins, puzzles, treasure, and fight dozens of on-screen enemies at once.

Highly destructible worlds with their own rules and law of physics

Adaptive AI – Artificial intelligence based on independent simple brains that cooperate creating emergent behaviors

Pilot several different Armors, each with unique weapons, attributes, and philosophies, plus an all-new armor exclusive to Kromaia Omega

Multiple gameplay modes including “Story,” “Score Attack,” and new “Pure Mode”

Four levels of difficulty to test players of all skill levels

Online leaderboards to show the rest of the shmup world you mean business

Two-player local co-op that lets one player pilot while the other takes control of the weapon systems