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[PS4 Review] Organ Trail Complete Edition

Organ Trail Complete Edition Logo

Organ Trail Complete Edition is a take on the classic Oregon Trail release from back in the day, but with zombies. Lots and lots of zombies (hence the pun in the name). This game has some great old-school graphics that will take you back to another time in gaming history as you try to survive from low supplies, diseases and the undead.


The Game is pretty simple. You travel with four of your friends while looking for supplies and fending off zombies in your station wagon as you aim to make it to Safe Haven. The Complete Edition not only includes the main game but also the Endless expansion and Clements Quest. There is also drop in and drop out co-op if you have a friend who can join on the fun!

Organ Trail Complete Edition - 1

At the start of the game you are surrounded by a horde of undead enemies when you run out of ammo. Luckily a savior comes along to save your neck – a kind priest called Clements. He tells you to join him by hoping into a nearby station wagon and you then start your long trip to Washington DC. You manage to find your party at the start of your journey, so you’ll need to make sure everyone gets to the end in one piece.

When you start your game you can choose to play on either Easy, Normal, Difficult or Suicide. The difficulty setting you choose affects how many supplies you can scavenge and how far each landmark is, as well as how many events happen during the journey.

Organ Trail Complete Edition - 2

During the journey you drive from city to city and along the way you’ll run into events that might injure your party members or start short minigames. When you arrive in a town you can choose to trade, do jobs, get some and combat training and more. You can also go and scavange some supplies while risking being overrun by zombies as you find money, food and other much needed supplies. You can scavenge as many times as you like as long as you have bullets, and you can even trade with strangers if you have the items they request!

Organ Trail Complete Edition - 3

The graphics are very nostalgic since the game looks like you are playing a game from the ZX Speccy era (yes I was playing it back in the day!). Organ Trail is very much a 2D 8-bit game with a limited color palette as was the case back in that era. I can’t see the younger generation liking the look of Organ Trail, but I loved it. If you want to get an idea of how oldies like us played games in the 1980’s this is a great showcase for that.

You can sell scraps to make money to buy essentials like medkits, food and fuel, and you’ll need to rinse and repeat as you get to each town in order to stay alive and in one piece while avoiding diseases like dysentery, or being bitten by a zombie. You can also use scraps to repair your damaged station wagon as well.

Organ Trail Complete Edition - 4

You will have the option of resting, which is necessary really as the health of your party can deteriorate quite rapidly, depending on the difficulty setting you chose. You can choose how many hours to rest, the more health loss you suffer the longer the recovery will take. bear in mind only medkits will fix your injuries.

Repairing your station wagon on your own involves a mini-game in which you have to press the x button in a timely fashion to line each scrap up with the circles, and the more scraps you choose to use the harder the mini-game is. It can be a challenge in itself as quick reflexes are needed!

There are about 392 tombstones to collect and you can earn skulls that you can activate in Endless Mode. You can earn a skull by killing x amount of zombies and buying car upgrades. There are 5 skulls to earn. Oh, and once you beat the campaign mode you’ll get to unlock Halloween mode.

Organ Trail Complete Edition - 5

Apart from the rubbish aiming controls, older gamers such as myself will appreciate the gameplay of Organ Trail. I have been quite lucky to watch gaming evolve into what it is today, so I definitely recommend that you give this game a download to see how things have changed over the years. You never know you might surprise yourself and actually have fun with the game!

The trophy set is a creative and challenging and will take many hours to 100%, especially since one of them asks that you beat the game 5 times! What do you think of Organ Trail? Let us know in the comments below.

[review pros=”Nostalgic graphics.
Very well polished.
Great Voice Acting.” cons=”Rubbish aiming.” score=85]



This review is based on a digital copy of Organ Trail provided by The Men Who Wear Many Hats.