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[Work-In-Progress Pre-Alpha Review] Dungeon Defenders II Version 1.02

Dungeon Defenders 2

Welcome back to a new work-in-progress review for Dungeon Defenders II! Now that the game is in version 1.02, it is time for a new update on what has changed for the game. If you missed my first review for the initial pre-alpha release, you can read it right here. OK, time to jump into a new take on what Dungeon Defenders II is doing!


After the 1.02 patch for the pre-alpha build of Dungeon Defenders II, your inventory now has proper thumbnail previews, which looks a little better than it did before as certain equipment sections looked boring and they are now much more easily identifiable.

Betsy Campaign videos are now included, but I think you need to have at least one character at level 25 to view these as I cannot find them anywhere as of yet.

New music and art assets can be seen on the content screen, making everything look much nicer. As the title is still in pre-alpha stage, I can only imagine how good the game will look in a few months down the line. The new soundtrack sounds pretty impressive as well, and I think you will like it.

You can now activate the tower interactions using the R1 button. Be sure to hold down the R1 button – took me a while to figure that out! On top of that, In game inspection pop-up controls are now much more visible, and it does look much better than previously.

As I said in my initial review, I experienced some crashes this time around, but they were few and far between now, so that is a major improvement. However, I still cannot create multiple heroes yet… is that a glitch? I am still a bit uncertain, but I think it is.

I will do a new post as new patches hit the game. Oh, and if you have experienced a black screen while in 2 player co-op and the second player logs out, then you’ll be happy to know that this patch fixes that issue completely so you should have no more problems going from 2 players to solo or on to bigger matches!