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PlayStation 2 Emulation Is Making It’s Way To The PlayStation 4!

The Star Wars Battlefront PS4 console bundle includes much more than a special PS4 console and the Star Wars Battlefront game since it also includes 3 PS2 games and one SNES game running. Yes, you read that right, 3 PlayStation 2 and one SNES game are now part of the PS4 library. Super Star Wars (the SNES game) is available separately on the PSN store, but the PS2 games are only available in the bundle, and according to the Digital Foundry video below, they look and run way better than they did back when they were originally released.


Oh, and did I mention that all four games also include trophies? Yeah, that definitely got the attention of trophy hunters out there, right? Imagine being able to replay great games from the PS2 library and have them run better and look better while also having full trophy support?

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