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[PS4 Shoot ‘Em Up Review] Kromaia Omega

Kromaia Omega

Kromaia Omega is a 100% pure arcade shoot ’em up. The story is about taking revenge on the four Gods who have wronged you, so you must, therefore, defeat the four gods and then a fifth and final boss. Sounds fun, right? Then come right in to learn more about this game!


The game opens with you piloting a ship that is customizable in a cage of some sort and you have to shoot off the locks to progress. The graphics at first are very retro styled with shades of greys, whites and blacks, but after a bit of exploration you will come to a temple with four gates. The orange gate is open at first and the others you will eventually open are green, red, blue. Each gate you enter grants you a different ship with different weapons, and you will need to defeat each boss with all the ships to unlock the final gate and the final encounter.

The game has four difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard and Ultimate, so you can configure the game to your liking. Levels are beautiful with bright neon colors, and each level is open for you to explore as much as you like and you can shoot and collect stuff for points and find boosts scattered around the levels… oh, and if you damage your shields you can find new shields inside of bluish grey bubbles. Each level is full of buildings and asteroids, and the enemies are all kinds of shapes and very pretty to look at even if they kill you!

Kromaia - 1

Unlike in most shoot ’em ups where enemies are scattered, in Kromaia the enemies come at you in packs – lots of them in one fell swoop really – so you should avoid remaining stationary and should always be shooting and moving. Your shields are limited, and you do not want a game over too early do you? Always stay on the move.

The enemies will come at you shooting from all different directions sometimes giving you little room for movement, and they will slowly pick off your shields and end your run. Gameplay can get pretty frantic especially with the higher difficulties! I played Kromaia on normal difficulty for the purpose of this review, and the challenge does spike a bit compared to easy mode. Can you take on the ULTIMATE challenge and complete the game on Ultimate difficulty?

On top of the main campaign, the game offers Pure Mode, which is a one-run-through mode: you have one life and one chance to complete Kromaia in one sitting, You can choose which ships you want to play with, but other than that you must complete the whole game in a single play.

Kromaia - 2

You also have access to Score Attack Mode, which is pretty self-explanatory. The aim of this mode is to go through purple hoops for score bonuses and to attack all the enemies in your way. This is the perfect mode for those high score chasers who like to earn a place on the leaderboards.

As expected from a shoot ’em up, the game is short… but it’s also frantic, fun and colorful. The tutorial is a bit slow and the loading times are also a bit slow but other than that this is a good game with plenty of replayability and a good game for the speedrunning community.

Kromaia - 3

[review pros=”Frantic gameplay
Great music.
Beautiful neon colors.” cons=”Slow loading.
Short game.” score=80]


This reviews is based on a copy of Kromaia Omega provided by Rising Star Games.