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A Great Christmas Gift: Monster High New Ghoul in School PS3 Review


Monster High: New Ghoul in School is a new multiplatform title by Little Orbit, the developer of last year’s excellent Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, which I loved. I honestly never watched Monster High before playing this game, so I lacked some basic knowledge about the source material before playing. Luckily, my daughter knew a lot about it and kept updating me as she progressed through the game.

Before beginning my review, I need to let you know that this game was almost completely played by my 10-year old daughter. I spectated her playthrough from beginning to end and sometimes chimed in to help her in some segments (particularly trophy-related hehe!). As you can guess, this game’s target audience is teenage girls who watch the show and collect the dolls. This review is based on her opinions of the game.

Anyway, have some make-up and high heels ready, because we’re going to Monster High!

Come roam the halls of Monster High and get to know your new classmates. Join clubs, make friends and dress up in fierce fashions. But be aware, there’s something strange going on at Monster High! Cleo’s new amulet has been cursed by the spirit of Spookenhamen, and the student body is falling under his spell. Show us how you boo to save the school and all your new classmates from the mummy’s curse!

Monster High: New Ghoul in School – Trailer


In Monster High: New Ghoul in School, you ARE the new ghoul everyone is talking about. Before meeting up with your new friends at school, you have to create your character from a lot of choices to customize your look – this pleased my daughter. Once said character has been created, you can start your game and roam Monster High!

Since this game is aimed at younger players, we were both happy to see that the gameplay was accessible. Essentially the game is quest-based and is set in the school which was intimidating at first because it’s quite big (a map is always accessible, which helps navigation). Often, more than one objective is available and switching from one objective to another is easy, and a pink arrow automatically points to the destination, and the pathfinding is very well done.

As you (or your daughter, niece, etc.) progress through the campaign, you’ll eventually notice that the quests become a bit redundant, and you’ll see the same rooms again and again with different objectives. Be prepared to see the gym, the halls, the library and the pool quite often! I noticed it, but my daughter wasn’t bothered by it.


Since this game is based on a TV Show, one of the most important things is to stay true to the source material. My daughter recognized all of the characters, and as far as her opinion goes, she told they all featured the original voices. Speaking of which, the important dialog sections were all fully voiced!

I tried the digital release, and there were little loading when changing between school sections, but it didn’t really get in the way. I’m guessing loading times could be higher on the disc unless they allow you to install part of it. The game engine makes for a very vivid and colorful game. Sure, the camera was more often against us than with us, and some platforming segments required serious skills because of the camera positioning, but it was overall a fun experience. The soundtrack was okay for the most part, but eventually became redundant.

Finally, the last point I need to mention is that I ran into a big bug for the game on the PlayStation 3. It froze on me at least three times (mainly while loading a new school room), and very sadly, it once corrupted the save game, which was very close to the ending. My daughter cried, a lot, and explaining to her that she had to redo everything from the beginning was a very delicate situation.



Final Thoughts
As you can guess from my review, my 10-year old daughter loved playing through this game, and I liked watching her play. I didn’t have any expectations at all for this game, but as far as Monster High games go, this one was good. Take note that I got a save corruption bug that required having to redo the game from the start, so you should definitely backup your saves now and then (not only for Monster High but for all games!).

Oh, and once your kid is asleep, you can boot the game and try to reach the easy Platinum Trophy this game has. It’s attainable within the 10-hour mark!

Interested in Monster High: New Ghoul in School as a Christmas Gift? If so, why not support us and buy it from our Amazon Store?

[review pros=”Manages to capture the interest of its target audience
True to the source material” cons=”Camera issues
Game froze a few times and eventually corrupted our save file” score=80]


Cost: $39.99

PSN Game Size: 1.5GB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Little Orbit.