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[Beyond PlayStation] Rodea the Sky Soldier - 3DS


Rodea the Sky Soldier Header Image

Rodea The Sky Soldier is an exclusive release for Nintendo platforms. The game is a platformer with a pure focus on flight. I previously reviewed Rodea the Sky Soldier on Wii U and now it’s time to do the same for the 3D version. The game is almost identical on both platforms, and the only two main differences are on the graphics and controls .


In Rodea the Sky Soldier, your primary mission is to save the kingdom of Garuda using the Key of Time that was given to you by Princess Cecilia. Rodea has the power of flight, but he can only fly for a short period of time. Everything I said at my review for Rodea the Sky Soldier on Wii U will also apply to this 3DS version, so be sure to check that as well!

Rodea 3DS - 1

The differences between both platforms are obvious to see on screens. The Wii U has beautiful and colorful graphics that are very cartoony and easy on the eye, allowing you to see all of the lush colors from afar. The 3DS version – due to it being on hardware that isn’t as powerful as the Wii U – features graphics that aren’t as sharp and glamorous, but the 3DS version is still a great looking game.

Rodea 3DS - 2

For some reason the game controls on the 3DS feel much tighter and far easier to use than no Wii U, making controlling Rodea during flight and hitting enemies and loot crates and any other collectibles a breeze. I think the thing with the Wii I version is it was an originally a Wii title that got ported over and it was originally made for motion controls (the Wiimote), and that feeling is still kind of there as you play. The 3DS version doesn’t have that, and it feels different enough from its big brother release.

Regarding the game itself, they are identical in every way apart from what I discussed above. You can collect medals and graviton energy by flying directly at them, and if you see a bell in a level hit it to save your game and activate it as a checkpoint to recover should you die. There are 25 levels in the whole game, and you’ll spend dozens of ours trying to collect everything to 100% the game.

Rodea 3DS - 3

I had a lot of fun with Rodea on Wii U and 3DS, but I ended up having even more fun with the portable version, even if the graphics are better on Wii U. This is a game I had been looking forward to for years, and I’m happy to finally have played not one but two version of it! Overall Rodea the Sky Soldier is a must-have title. It is fun, quirky and charming, and the story is very good.

pros=”Lots of Replayability.
Great Story.
Fun gameplay.” cons=”No complaints.” score=85]


This review is based on a European 3DS copy of Rodea the Sky Soldier provided by Nis America