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[PlayStation Experience 2015] Crazy Game Announcements From The Event

Job Simulator

We’ve done a ton of posts on the new games announced during the great PlayStation Experience 2015 event, with everything from a sequel to a beloved RPG, to an extended look at what will surely be an extremely hyped Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. But then there were some announcements for games that feel a bit… wackier in nature when compared to the rest. And no, they’re probably not the ones you’re thinking about!


The first one is Job Simulator, a game that seems as crazy as Goat Simulator or the now classic Surgeon Simulator. The trailer below will let you see how crazy the game can get, especially considering it will support the Playstation VR headset!

The second one is 100ft Robot Golf (which EdEN mentioned during the weekend). There isn’t much to be added for the game since the name says it all, so check out the trailer below.

Do you agree on these two games in particular? Did any of the other announced games feel weird to you? Let us know in the comments below!