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[PS4 Puzzle Review] Infinifactory


Do you want a unique puzzler? Do you want a challenging puzzler? What about a sandbox puzzler? Infinifactory ticks all the boxes. It is indeed a unique sandbox first-person puzzler and a very challenging one at that with countless levels for you to complete. Infinifactory is a factory building puzzle game where you have to find the correct solution using the square boxes of varying types at your disposal. At the start you are only given the basic blocks, but more will unlock as you progress, changing the way you approach each subsequent puzzle.


When you first boot up the game you will finds yourself in what looks like an empty building with nothing inside except doors. You are guided through a simple tutorial for building a small factory, but it doesn’t quite prepare you for the challenging puzzles that lie in wait! You will learn several actions such as place, rotate, delete, stop, start, pause and so on. It might seem a bit overwhelming, but the control scheme works once you get the hang of it. When the tutorial is over you will proceed through the final door and find yourself in a chamber full of aliens. Intense music will start playing as a leader comes down from a platform above – he will start talking in a language you cannot understand. You are then automatically transported to your cell, where you will face many challenging puzzles. Once you are ready, press R1 to see your available puzzles and have fun!

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Your main objective is to build factories and transport their cargo to various locations – you will also find dead humans who have tried and failed to do what you are now doing. They leave behind recordings of their failures or of what the aliens are up to. You quickly realize you are building these structures so the aliens can survive and prosper, and the success of your mission depends on passing your performance review at the end of each chapter.

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The overall game is quite challenging, and Infinifactory is most certainly not a short game. It will take a while to complete and it all comes down to skill and patience, but completing each puzzle is very rewarding and gratifying for the interesting twists in the story. The best part about Infinifactory is the freedom. You have full control of how each puzzle turns out, and you can press the triangle to watch the puzzle play out and pause it and have a good look around to see if you think you have done it correctly. If you think you have made a mistake, you can reset the whole thing or just make some changes here and there. There are no penalties or timers so you can do it in your own time and at your own pace. As for the camera view, it is absolutely fantastic. You are given a Jetpack, and you can use the Square and X buttons to ascend or descend so that you can have a really good look at the playing field.

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In later levels, you will have limits on block usage which will make puzzle solving all the more challenging, but considering how much freedom the game grants you, it is only a small bump since you are still free to experiment as much as you like using the pause function as a guide to correcting your mistakes.

The locations are futuristic in style, and the attention to detail is pretty great. You will come across lots of different locations, all different from the previous one. Despite being an indie puzzler, the graphics are very well polished and in full 3D. You don’t see very many indie titles with this level of graphical quality! Clearly a lot of love was poured into Infinifactory. The developers certainly deserve the credit for this wonderful and unique puzzler. There is tremendous amount of replay value since each level has three slots for solutions. Can you replay a level as you aim at finding another solution?

Infinifactory -6

I have a great love for this game, and I will be playing more during the rest of the month. Infinifactory is definitely its asking price since it is a game you won’t finish in a few hours, that’s for sure! I would highly recommend downloading and giving it a go since I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. Enjoy!

[review pros=”Lots of Freedom.
Fantastic variety of locations.
Very challenging.” cons=”Nothing to complain about.” score=92]


This review is based on copy of Infinifactory provided by Zachtronics.