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[Vita RPG Review] Saturday Morning RPG: A Great Take On The 80s


Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic, turn-based role-playing game that released a few years ago on mobile, and it has finally made the jump to consoles. In this game, you are following a hoverboard-wielding guy named Marty in his quest to rid the world of an evil society called the Hood while trying to get closer to the girl he loves.

Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic JRPG set in world heavily inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and pop culture. Players take the role of Martin “Marty” Michael Hall, an average high-school student who has just been granted an incredible power – a power that ultimately leads him to attract the ire of the world’s most notorious villain, Commander Hood! Saturday Morning RPG features a full soundtrack by legendary composer Vince DiCola (Transformers: The Animated Movie, Rocky IV) and his composing partner, Kenny Meriedeth (contributor for DuckTales, Power Rangers, X-Men, and others).

Saturday Morning RPG – Trailer

The first thing I want to mention about this game is how fast it starts! Within the FIRST minute of gameplay, you’ll already be in a battle fighting Commander Hood. As you can guess, you can’t win this battle, but it gives you a sense of how this game doesn’t take itself seriously.

Speaking of battles, you’re going to fight a lot in Saturday Morning RPG. Each turn, you can either boost your strength, fight with your bare hands, or fight using an item. Said items vary in power, accuracy and, more importantly, in craziness! One of my definitive highlight for this game is the item inventory since each item triggers a funny attack, one of which made me burst into laughter (the floppy disk). Even though each item was fun to discover, I didn’t think that the battle system was very well balanced, and this is the issue I had with Saturday Morning RPG – practically EVERY attack has to be boosted (spending a turn) to have it deal decent damage. The enemies don’t need to boost their attacks, so wasting a turn against two or three enemies at once felt more like an annoyance than a feature. Luckily you can defend against enemy attacks by pressing X at the right moment, and this will halve the damage you receive if you time it right.



Saturday Morning RPG is separated into 5 episodes, each one ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete. I finished all of them, and really enjoyed the first episode! The second episode was the first one in which the game balance started to feel a bit off, and is the longest one of the entire package. Episode three kept things going while mixing things up a bit. The fourth one is about Christmas and I thought that it was the funniest story-wise! The final episode brings closure to the game but ultimately finished with an open ending, so there might be future episodes coming!

About the presentation, this game uses the Unity engine to render beautiful 3D backgrounds while showcasing very pixelated sprites in the foreground. The soundtrack was okay, but apart from the main theme – which was VERY good – no other theme, in particular, stood in my head after I was done.



Final Thoughts
If you like retro games, you’ll have fun with Saturday Morning RPG, as long as you can forgive the game for the battle balance issues I mentioned. Its story spans over five episodes, which took almost 7 hours to complete.

[review pros=”Fun and colorful experience
Cross-Buy on Vita and PS4.
Crazy inventory!” cons=”Game balance requiring to boost each attack” score=74]


Cost: $9.99

PSN Game Size: 239MB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Mighty Rabbit Studios.