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[PS Vita Review] Baseball Riot

Baseball Riot Header Image

10tons has been a regular on Playstation platforms regularly for several years now, and this time, they are back with Baseball Riot, a sequel to 2015’s excellent Tennis In The Face – a game I played and enjoyed immensely. If you have played the game, then you will know what to expect in this physics-based puzzler. Baseball Riot has the same mechanics and slapstick humor as Tennis in The Face, and it is a blast!


Baseball Riot is a physics-based puzzler. You play as an ex-baseball player called Gabe Carpaccio who’s career was cut short by a knee injury. As Gabe, you travel across the United States to rid the country of a company that produces the Explodz energy drink which is turning people aggressive – he wants to shut them down because that company bought out the baseball team he used to play for, and he is out for revenge and to claim back his beloved baseball team.

Baseball Riot has 100 levels of physics-based fun across eight different regions. The difficulty ramps up at steady pace with each level you completed, and as you progress you will need to carefully think about where you place your shots to make every single one count. The game is all about timing and placing your shots wisely since you get a set amount of balls per level.

You can choose to use touch screen controls by tapping and dragging for aiming and then letting go to swing, or you can use the sticks and buttons if you prefer, with the stick for aiming and the X button to release the ball and hit it. It is a very nice simple control scheme for both touch and buttons to accommodate players who love touch controls and those who favor buttons.

The aim of the game is simple: Knock out all enemies in a level to pass, and try and collect all three stars if you can – they are not necessary as you can progress to the next level, but you do need the stars to unlock airports so you can move on to the next region.

There is a nice variety of enemies to take out. The Fans are easiest, but the Pitchers are a little more difficult since when a ball hit’s his mitt it stops it dead. Umpires have so much padding you have to take em out from behind or hit their legs. There is a good variety of items that will either help you out or get in the way. For example, hitting energy drinks will make them explode and blow any nearby enemies, and explosive crates do the same thing. There are also tubes of balls that you can hit so they burst open and hit anything that gets in the way of the balls that fly out. There are also glass panes that will kill your ball’s momentum and vending machines that explode after three hits.

1Otons have made another well-polished arcade game, so if you’re a fan of Tennis In The Face, then you should download Baseball Riot right away. The game is available on PS4 as well, so that you can enjoy the game at home or on the go.

[review pros=”Fun gameplay mechanics.
Good amount of content
Easy to pick up and play.” cons=”Nothing major” score=90]

This review is based on copy of Baseball Riot provided by 10tons.