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[Review Revisited] The Last Guy

Review Revisited - The Last Guy

I remember way back when I first got my PlayStation 3 I started to look for some indie games on the PSN store to get my collection going. I had heard good things about The Last Guy, and its gameplay made it an easy to learn but hard to master game. How hard? Well, the trophy list for The Last Guy is one of the hardest ones out there, but definitely not one of the grindiest ones.

You’ll need lots of patience and time before you have unlocked all trophies in the game, because a single mistake can cost you dearly. Unfortunately, this being an indie release from many moons ago means there is no Platinum trophy for your efforts.

Nowadays The Last Guy would definitely have qualified for a Platinum trophy (or at least I’d expect it would qualify for one!) because it’s currently trophy list could certainly be turned into a list with nothing but Silver trophies and a Platinum trophy! Why? Because if you want to 100% The Last Guy, it’s going to take you over 50 hours. No, that number isn’t wrong. Over 50 hours is the right number for this game, so you’ll definitely need to get really good at The Last Guy to have a shot at having it sit at a 100% trophy count in your profile.

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