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[Beyond PlayStation] Petit Novel Series: Harvest December

  • On March 2, 2016

Beyond PlayStation - Petit Novel Series Harvest December

Petit Novel Series: Harvest December is a collection of 13 stories set in a snowy town called Tagami. There are no branching story arcs or choices or anything remotely like the standard Visual Novels we have on 3DS and Vita, such as Virtue’s Last Reward or Norn9 Var Commons. This is quite literally a visual novel – a book with pretty graphics to look at along with all the words.


All you do is read. You can either press the arrow buttons yourself to turn a page, or you can let it do it for you automatically. You are looking at approximately 2-3 hours to read each chapter, so reading the whole thing is going to take you close to 30 hours.

The 13 chapters included in this release are Harvest December, Boundaries in January, Gifting February, Lovely March, Typhoon April, Combat in May, Bridal June, Theological July, Festive August, Maternal September, Disunion October, Parting November and then finally Perfect December.


The first chapter, Harvest December, focuses on the love story between Masaki Konno and Towada Yuki. The second chapter, Boundaries in January continues from the first chapter but focuses on God’s rules of the land – the land that should never be left and constantly watched over. An item needs to be found, but you don’t quite know what. The third chapter, Gifting in February, is all about love, a perfect option for the month of Valentine’s Day! We find out about Sanae and Kohei, the two people who have been friends for a long time. Lovely March is the fourth Chapter in the series and focuses on the relationship between Masaki Kanno, Towada Yuki, and her mother – yes it’s an interesting little story for the month of March as there is still a bit of will they or won’t they thing going on between Masaki and Yuki. In the fifth chapter, Typhoon April, there is a focus on a blast from Masaki’s past – someone turn’s up and makes him feel a bit uncomfortable. Who could it be? The rest of the chapters work in a similar fashion, focusing on certain characters to give them a chance to shine. This is a very enjoyable set of mini-novels!


Overall, this is a very engaging book, but it does feature a bit of broken English here and there. You can also alter the speed of the text until you find your sweet spot for how fast it goes – I had it at the fastest setting and let the pages scroll automatically.


The graphics are in the style of a typical JRPG, and this being a visual novel, the flow is smooth with no framerate drops or problems with the way the text is displayed. I enjoyed the game as I read for 20-30 minutes at a time before going to bed or even during a lunch break, and the price is great for the huge amount of content you’ll get a chance to experience.


[review pros=”Very entertaining book.
Great graphics.
Platinum Trophy!” cons=”Some broken English” score=80]

This review is based on a copy of Petit Novel Series: Harvest December provided by Circle Entertainment.