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[Review Revisited] The Unfinished Swan

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Ready to be swept away into a magical world that is a blank canvas for you? Then prepare yourself to work on completing The Unfinished Swan!


The Unfinished Swan came out in late 2012, from Giant Sparrow. This was fresh after Journey had been released and people were starting to realize that PlayStation was becoming home to some of the best indie titles around.

The story of The Unfinished Swan is actually quite sad, as it involves a boy jumping into a painting his mother never finished since she passed away. Once you enter the world the game is literally a blank slate – you find yourself in a white world. Your weapon is a paintbrush that you can use to throw ink around to illuminate the world. As you go from area to area your tools evolve allowing you to do new things.


This game was critically acclaimed back when it was released, and for good reason. It was different and very special in comparisonto what was out on the market at the time. Since its original PS3 launch, it has been ported to both PS4 and Vita, allowing more people to take a crack at this fantastic game. The best part is that it’s a Cross-Buy release so anyone who already owned the PS3 original now had access to the game at home or on the go!

Giant Sparrow has been pretty quiet since the release of the game. We know they are trying to have “What Remains of Edith Finch” out this year and we have seen some small glimpses of the game, but I personally am fine with this since I want to check out that game with no previous knowledge of what to expect.

Did you play through when it originally released or when it was released on the PS4 and Vita? What were your thoughts, and if you haven’t played it what’s holding you back from checking it out?

You can read the original review right here.

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