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[Beyond PlayStation] Level 22


Beyond PlayStation - Level 22

Level 22 – Gary’s Misadventures was originally a mobile release, and it was a roaring success. I remember many of my friends telling me to try out the game, but I am not a mobile phone gamer – I haven’t touched a mobile game in quite a few years now! Level 22 is now available on Wii U with better graphics than what was made available on mobile, with Off-TV gameplay and a lot of content to enjoy on Nintendo’s console.


Level 22 is a stealth puzzle game about an office employee who is yet again late for work after a wild birthday night out. Gary must find a way into his office on Level 22 without being seen by anybody – if he is seen he’ll get fired and it’s game over!

You must, therefore, sneak around, overcoming obstacles and hazards on your way to your office. To succeed, Gary must use the objects within the environment as a disguise to progress to the next part of a level. Sounds fun, right?

As you boot up the game, you will be presented with a series of cartoony pictures showing you the events leading up to Gary missing his alarm clock. He get’s dressed and enter’s his car in record time. I am sure we have all done something similar once or twice in our working lives after a night out, all-night gaming marathons, or more.


Gary has to sneak past other employees, security guards and more to reach his office, and that is a long way up! Gary can hide in closets or vent shafts, use walls as cover or hide behind newspapers so nobody can see his face – he can even use food to distract the security officers! On top of that, you have Marty, your trusty friend and former employee of the company who is ready to guide you on your mobile phone. Marty has good knowledge of the challenges you face ahead. He will explain things to you like how to use certain things for invisibility, how to use food as a distraction, use eraser launchers to divert attention away from you and more. Marty will be pretty important to you as you progress.


As you make your way to your office, you’ll run into plenty of secret rooms and plenty of collectibles such as toys and safes. The toys are much harder to find, but the safes are fairly visible. You’ll probably need pen and paper when you find a safe, because they require you to find six-digit codes to open them – you need to arrange the numbers into the correct sequences to open them.


The collectible toys are Marty’s. The toys somehow got scattered around the levels when he left the company so he asks you to find them for him. The toys are based on references from popular cartoons like Futurama, while some are from game references.

After completing a set of levels, Gary will reach a boss stage. Some boss stages are funnier and more clever than others, but all will certainly test the skills of players, and good timing is required to complete the boss stages in one piece.


I found the game to be quite quirky and fun, and since the later stages of the game can be very challenging, it always kept me coming back for more. The game does offer replayability because of the collectibles since you might not find everything on your first run.

[review pros=”Very funny game.
Good use of Trial and Error.
Good graphics.” cons=”No complaints” score=85]


This review is based on a copy of Level 22 provided by Moving Player.