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Launch Party 2016 Is Here!

PS Launch Party Promo

Spring Fever is dead, long live Spring Fever! Sony has decided to change the name of their PlayStation Store event for Spring, so everyone please welcome Launch Party 2016! Why Launch Party? Becasue over the next six weeks you’ll be getting six new games on PlayStation 4 (and Vita), available for pre-order and pre-load on your system so that you’re ready to play as soon as they’re live. On top of that, all six games are available with a 10% discount!

The six games for the promo are:


3/15 Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios (PS4)
Regular Price $17.99 Sale Price $16.19

3/22 Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4/PS Vita) from Double Fine Productions
Regular Price $14.99 Sale Price $13.49

4/5 Enter the Gungeon from Devolver Digital (PS4)
Regular Price $14.99 Sale Price $13.49

4/12 Stories: The Path of Destinies from Spearhead Games (PS4)
Regular Price $14.99 Sale Price $13.49

4/19 Invisible, Inc. from Klei Entertainment (PS4)
Regular Price $19.99 Sale Price $17.99

4/26 Alienation from SCEA (PS4)
Regular Price $19.99 Sale Price $17.99

We’ll try and bring you reviews for as many of these games as possible, so be sure to stick around at!