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[PS4 Review] Gunscape


Blowfish Studios took Gunscape to Kickstarter in 2014 and sadly didn’t meet their initial goal. I remember seeing the campaign and watching the pitched video, and it didn’t exactly blow me away since the graphics were quite poor, and the quality of the video itself was too poor. Also, the funds they were are asking for was simply too low for the size and scope of the game they were planning, so I stayed away thinking thinking the game will just become vaporware. I like it when games studios prove me wrong. Not only did they release the game for PC, but for all other platforms as well! I congratulate them for pulling it off on their own in two years since their Kickstarter – it shows they had true determination to bring Gunscape to the masses.


Gunscape is a sandbox Minecraft-style world builder with shooter elements. The game gives you the opportunity to create, share and play shooter maps in first person view. If you have played games like Orcs and Elves on the DS all those years ago, then you have a slight idea of what to expect. The game has an eight chapter campaign mode, which I think players should dive into first, as it will give you an idea of what to expect in all other modes.

There is a market today for user-generated content, which has proven to be extremely popular in games like LittleBigPlanet, Volume, and Super Mario Maker, to name a few, Gunscape is a whole world of user generated content over many modes and you can play solo, co-op, online, and PvP. You can build your own maps and upload them for others to play and enjoy. Gunscape is a very very big game with years worth of content. So I am going to try and explain some of the modes that are available.

Gunscape - 1

Campaign mode: This is a built-in story campaign. You are being guided by an AI in the form of green terminals that look like arcades, they basically tell you what to do, and which direction to go, but it has its own agenda. The important aspect of the campaign is to get you used to the mechanics of the game, by following a set path and clearing each one as you progress. The mode should be played first before attempting any other modes. You can play solo, co-op or multiplayer in this start up campaign mode. The mode will have you taking on Nazi soldiers, fantasy creatures and even big ugly dinosaurs, and as you progress you will be taking to different landscapes to fight tougher enemies, and as you do there will be more powerful weapons at your disposal to dispatch them,

Gunscape - 2

You have rifles, shotguns, knives, laser guns, bombs – the weaponry is truly massive, but you can only have a max of three weapons at any given time. You can also customize your campaign maps to your liking. Do you want enemies to respawn? Do you want to get more health crates? Then you can absolutely set that up. The available options give you total freedom. The main Campaing should take you around 2-4 hours to complete.

Gunscape - 3

World Building: The maps are organised into themes. Each themed world has tool sets, blocks, enemies and even bosses for you to place, plus a wide array of weapons and explosives! The building mechanics are very easy to use, and you have total freedom to do what you want with them. You can build in solo, co-op or online or split screen. When you feel confident enough, why not try building a whole new level from scratch in editor?


Editor: This mode is solely focused on communities where you can create levels to share with the rest of the world. When you enter build mode, the game will automatically search for a world that is being used by other players, and you can edit as you see fit and if you like what you see you can just jump into their world and see what is being done, maybe give you a few inspiring ideas so you can start your very own project from scratch, so it it is probably a good idea to spend an hour or two visiting the worlds of other players for ideas.

Gunscape - 4

Discover/updated: With this mode you can access newly created maps or join others players and help them create their maps. At the time of writing this review, there are already hundreds of maps just waiting to be played, joined and to be discovered.

Gunscape - 5

Gunscape is a very fun sandbox shooter, and with user generated content this is a game that will continue to grow with time. Sure, the graphics are not very pretty, but for the amount of content available and the unlimited replayability, the game is well worth the asking price.

[review pros=”Create your own content.
Lots of game modes to enjoy” cons=”Graphics are not very pretty” score=80]


This review is based on a digital copy of Gunscape by Blowfish Studios.