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[PS4 Review] MOP: Operation Cleanup

MOP Operation Cleanup Review Image

EnsenaSoft’s latest PlayStation 4 game is a cleaning platforming runner. It is a very different release from the games they usually do, and while it’s a fun game, some of you might feel it’s a bit repetitive and hard, so be sure to read this review to learn if this game is for you.


You play as an enthusiastic robot called MOP who loves to clean everything in sight. He can only run in one direction and (when players press the X button) jump over obstacles and kill any enemies in his way. Players can also press the X button repeatedly to climb walls – this is pretty handy if you have missed a piece of trash, or a collectible magnet, because if you miss them, you can’t go back unless you hit a wall and climb to reposition yourself. The game is all about getting the timing right. The only other button you will use during the game is the square button which is used for spin attacks.

MOP Operation Cleanup - 1

The game has 5 zones with about ten missions, and each one only lasts 5 minutes or less. Sure, you can speed run through the whole game and never collect a single thing in around an hour or so, but what adds longevity to the game is objectives. Each mission will have a set number of objectives to complete, missing even a few bits of trash will get you a contaminated mark, and passing every single objective will give you a cleaned marking – if you complete a mission with half the objectives complete, then you will get an Enough marking. Failing every objective in a level will get you a Decontaminated marking, but you can still progress to the next level regardless of your scoring.

MOP Operation Cleanup - 2

The game has a lot of obstacles to overcome, and you only have three bars on your battery. If your energy is depleted then it’s game over and you restart the whole level.

MOP Operation Cleanup - 3

Many levels will have more than one path to explore which have to be done in a certain order – you can’t really just pick any path you choose. But if you miss a path you will miss everything you are supposed to collect objective-wise, so you will need to restart the level and do it correctly.

MOP Operation Cleanup - 4

MOP: Operation Cleanup is a fun game that is great for short burst of play, and I’d definitely like to see it available on PS Vita as well so that we can take it on the go.

[review pros=”Simple one button experience.
Fun gameplay.” cons=”Might feel a bit repetitive for some” score=75]


This review is based on a digital copy of MOP: Operation Cleanup provided by EnsenaSoft.