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[Review Revisited] Thomas Was Alone

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Thomas and friends need to save the world… or something! If you’re hip to be square (or rectangular) then you need to take a look at indie hit Thomas was Alone. If you have not played Thomas was Alone, shame on you. It’s one of the best indie games to come out during the PS3 generation!


It manages to meld platforming and puzzles with a strong narrative like nothing else before it or since. You star as the titular Thomas. You are just a regular rectangle who realizes there is more to the world. You set off with your soon to be friend Chris, a square, on a grand adventure. Along the way you meet other shapes, each with unique abilities.

You can read the original review right here.

As a puzzle/platformer, this one is expertly crafted. Each shape you get has a different ability and you need to use them all together properly to solve each puzzle. When I played the game, what I especially loved is that I never needed help solving the levels. It may have taken a few minutes, but they all made sense and I was able to play through all 100 levels without a problem.


What sets this apart from other entries in the genre is the narrative in the game. Even though you are using plain shapes to progress your way through the game, they each have a name and a personality, and their stories are expanded thanks to the narrator of the game. Each block has emotions and you will see happiness, jealously, sadness, and even love burst throughout your journey. You begin to care about them and their individual stories, even though they are just blocks. It’s incredible.

Thomas Bithell also created a great piece of DLC for it called Benjamin’s Flight which added more to the world, which you should also check out. Currently Bithell is still supporting his recently released game Volume and is working on a VR version of it as well. At some point I would love to see a return to the world of Thomas was Alone, as he created a full world with rich characters, that quite frankly, i miss.

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