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[Review Rewind] Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Review Revisited - Strong Bads Cool Game For Attractive People

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People is one of Telltale Games’ earlier episodic point and click adventure games which is spread over five episodes. The game was released on PS3 back in 2011, and it is basically a playable cartoon series with lots of great characters and funny humor thrown in. You play as Strong Bad, a really conceited guy who wears a red wrestling mask, and who does things to make other things happen.


At the start of the game, there is a tutorial you can play through, and I think you should play it just for giggles – it is a very fun and interactive section where you get to meet Strong Bad’s little brother, Strong Sad (he is enormous!). The tutorial will last just under 10 minutes, and it will teach you everything you need to make your time with the game better.

The game features an interesting “choices” mechanic in the form of pictures, which is pretty fun. They often lead to quirky replies or scenes, and there’s no punishment for doing one or the other, unlike the recent batch of releases from Telltale Games episodic such as The Walking Dead or Minecraft: Story Mode. So be sure to explore all the conversion choices as much as you can to fully enjoy the game!

Strong Bads Cool Game For Attractive People - 1

There are minigames and arcade games you can play as you progress, and there are also plenty of collectibles, such as trophies, costumes and more. Each episode will take you approximately couple of hours to complete depending on how much you explore, so you definitely get your money’s worth..

A word of advice: Strong Bad Loves his Lappy 486, a piece of hardware where he likes to read his emails. Visiting Strong Bad’s room and reading emails on his Lappy can unlock new things to do, so be sure to visit often to keep things going!


The characters you meet in the game are:

* Homestar Runner: He is a little stupid but a brilliant athlete who has a relationship with his on again-off again girlfriend Marzipan.
* Strong Sad: He is Strong Bad’s little brother, a chronic whiner who is always miserable and who Strong Bad loves winding up!
* Strong Mad: He is Strong Bad’s older brother. He is a guy of a few words, but Strong Bad thinks he’s a very cool guy.
* The Cheat: This is a cat that helps strong bad cheat at stuff. Just kick him in the dryer and have some fun!
* Marzipan: She is Homestar’s “sometimes” girlfriend. She is always thinking of others and protests a lot when she thinks something is not right.
* Coach Z: He is a pretty rubbish athlete who runs track. He sucks at it. Big time.
* Pom Pom: Homestar’s best friend and very much a ladies man.

Strong Bads Cool Game For Attractive People - 2

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People is a fantastic release that I had a great time playing. My only gripe is that sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do or where you need to go, but that is how almost all old-school adventure games used to do things, so it’s not a dealbreaker. You’ll have a blast playing all episodes for the many trophies they include (fourteen trophies for Episodes 1 and 5, while Episodes 2-4 include fifteen episodes each)!

pros=”Great comedy.
Fun characters.
Excellent voice acting.” cons=”Difficult to know where to go at times.” score=90]