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[Beyond PlayStation] 6180 The Moon


6180 the moon

6180 the Moon is a stylish minimalis|t unique platformer since the action takes place both on the big screen and on the Wii U Gamepad’s screen. The story is that the sun has disappeared, so the moon goes on a journey to find the missing sun as well as to finding why it disappeared.


Along the way, there will be death traps to try and prevent you from succeeding in your quest. You must, therefore, navigate each location by jumping from platform to platform as you try to avoid all the dangerous and deadly traps.

You play as a brightly white moon, and every time you jump the moon off a white glow, which is a nice detail. As you bounce from platform to platform and overcome deadly spikes you will meet the planets in the solar system, each with its own problems to solve.

6180 the moon - 4

The controls are very easy to understand which sort of makes the game an easy one to pick up and play, but it’s the gameplay that can be a bit of a challenge. It may not seem like it at first, but since the gameplay shares both the TV and the Wii U Gamepad screen you need to always be ready to make a quick move here and there to keep you alive. The Moon continues moving until you find a platform for it to rest on, and this mechanic forces players to think a bit outside the box. It’s a very clever use of both screens and a unique element of the game that will definitely get your attention.

6180 the moon - 3

The use of both screens requires you to think about every single jump and where to land, as the landing platforms are different on the big screen and on the Wii U Gamepad screen, so you need to look at both screens every few seconds to see where the moon needs to land, taking care of avoiding hazardous obstacles that can mean your death. This isn’t a dealbreaker because the checkpoint system in the game is very generous, and quite often it will only take you a few seconds to get to the point you were at prior to your death – if you see a brightly coloured white square on the platforms, that is your checkpoint marker.

6180 the moon - 2

As you progress the sidescrolling layouts will change and become more complex, with moving platforms as well as disappearing platforms, but the main thing that will kill you are the diamond-shaped spikes – they are absolutely everywhere and nearly unavoidable in some instances. You may have a whole row of spikes that makes jumping over a bit of a challenge, so use both screens to think of a solution.

6180 the moon - 1

The graphics are very minimalist, but 6180 the Moon it a very polished and a well-designed game. The color palette is mostly black and white with a hint of color here and there, making for a very neat and clean look, setting a particular mood for the game. 6180 the Moon is well worth a download, what with ti being inexpensive, fun and unique. Its clever puzzles will grab you and won’t let you go until the end, and its in-game achievements system will add an extra layer fo strategy to the mix.

pros=”Fantastic use of both screens.
Very relaxing, even with its hard level layouts.” cons=”No complaints” score=90]


This review is based on a European Wii U copy of 6180 the moon provided by Turtle Cream