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[PS4 Review] Randal’s Monday

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Randal’s Monday is a comedy adventure Point and Click game. You play as Randal Hicks, a Kleptomaniac good for nothing moron, who sees an opportunity to steal his best friend’s engagement ring after a long night of drinking, and sells it for money. The ring apparently is magical in some way and somehow curses Randal. Randal is a guy with a lot of problems – he and his flat mate owe the landlord three months rent, and the landlord is refusing to go anywhere until Randal and Mortimer pay up.


Randal has had such a lousy Monday that after his chat with the landlord over the unpaid rent, Randal decides to sneak out of his bedroom window so he can go to work. After arriving at the courier firm he works at, his boss fires him for showing up late. When Randal wake’s up the next morning he find’s himself in a time loop that keeps repeating his Monday over and over again. Randal decides to atone for the things he has done wrong, but his actions cause a ripple effect, and the changes take effect each time Randal wakes up.

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Players can choose between two control schemes, either a traditional point and click scheme or a more modern and simplified one click control scheme. You can change this setting at any time in the options menu so have a go at both control schemes and see which one you feel more comfortable with!

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The only true way Randal can make the timeline right is to return the ring he sold and put it back in his best buddy’s wallet to then return the wallet back to Matt Griffin. The only problem is Randal stupidly sold the ring for money, so he has to figure out how to get it back to end his “Groundhog Day” loop. Turns out the ring has cursed Randal, and he must solve several puzzles and visit various locations until he can finally recover the one ring! The other characters in the game are oblivious to what is happening, and they go about their lives as they normally do, because time for them has not changed – it is only affecting Randal.

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As with traditional point and click games you can pick up almost anything in the screen and combine items to create new things to fiddle with. Some items may not be useful until much later in the game, so examining and combining all items is something you have to do every day because you never know what will work on a “new day.”

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The game has a hint system (well, it is more like a mini-walkthrough), but in order to get a hint you need to kill a kitty. Yes, a kitty. Anyway, if you kill twenty you’ll end up getting a trophy. But if you don’t use the hint system at all you’ll also get a trophy, so do keep that in mind as you play the game.

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I Liked Randal’s Monday as it reminded me of of classic point and click games of my childhood, and it is full of pop culture references. The game is pretty hard and the trophy list is somewhat thin – I was surprised to see an all-bronze list with no Platinum trophy considering the game is a long one. Unfortunately, I was hit by a nasty set of bugs during my time with the game that, for some reason, made me lost a lot of time because the game does not feature an autosave feature, so I ended up having to repeat 10-20 minutes of gameplay and had to resort to manually saving every 5-10 minutes just to be on the save side. Hopefully a bug is in the works to fix this!

Randals Monday - 6

[review pros=”Funny and dirty dialogue.
Classic point and click adventure.” cons=”Puzzles can be a bit frustrating.” score=75]

This review is based on a copy of Randal’s Monday provided by Nexus Game Studio Inc.