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Hitman Sneaks Up to be the Surprise Hit of 2016


It’s been a while since Agent 47 has snuck his way onto consoles, but he’s finally heading back into the world of assassination for the current generation. We’re pleased to see our favorite gun for hire back on bigger screens and the latest game is a much-welcomed return to the style that made the franchise such a massive success in the first place.

In recent years, it seemed as though the franchise was much more concerned with casual and mobile gaming than the traditional third-person console titles it made its name with. Last year’s Hitman: Sniper offered a first-person shooter take on the stealth assassination series, while 2014’s Hitman: Go was a very well-received turn-based puzzle game also released for mobile devices. The franchise has been more than willing to experiment with its gameplay and deviate from the third-person action-adventure in the hopes of appealing to larger audiences. Hitman has made its way to even more casual titles with a licensed slot-reel that has been described as “all killer and no filler.” The game has players testing their luck with Agent 47’s vast assortment of weapons as they try to line up everything from lethal injection syringes to knives, garrote wire and 47’s trademark Silverballer pistols. This courting of the casual audie nce has hopefully helped to expand the fanbase of the series in advance of the latest adventure series.

The Intro Pack (released March 11, 2016) takes advantage of the newfound popularity of episodic gaming, as seen with Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones titles. The last full Hitman game developed for consoles was Hitman: Absolution back in 2012, so the new episodic series is a welcome surprise for fans of the adventures of Agent 47. The latest game is a return to the game’s roots and is simply titled Hitman.

The first episode, Intro Pack, acts as a prequel to the series with the rest of the episodes set to take place after the events of Absolution. The Intro Pack has been receiving positive reviews praising the game’s return to the open-ended gameplay of previous entries. Although, there has been some criticism that the episodic titles don’t offer quite enough meat to satisfy gamers. Thankfully, players won’t have to wait long for a second helping, as two more episodes are expected in both April and May. They’ll take the titular character to Sapienza, Italy and Marrakech, Morocco.

Episode two should be available April 26, 2016 with a full, disc-based edition of the game expected to be released in January 2017.