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[Beyond PlayStation] Bird Mania Party


Bird Mania Party Review

Bird Mania Party is a colourful endless runner that is all about avoiding obstacles and collecting stars as you chaining multipliers through dash attacking into other flying enemies. Hitting obstacles such as trees or hidden enemies in clouds and treetops means certain death, and the core of the goal is to get the highest score possible. That is pretty much all there is to the game. It is short, and simple arcade game that is easy to pick up and play, but incredibly hard to master.


You have a choice of control schemes, choosing between either the standard buttons and analog sticks or using the touch screen on your Wi U Gamepad – use which ever you think is most comfortable! I used both for the purpose of this review and they both work great, so no complaints at all on that. The shoulder triggers are used for dash attacks, and you will use this a lot to chain multipliers to get the best score possible. You can use the analog sticks to move up and down to avoid obstacles and enemies, and you can do the same with the touch screen. As you can see the controls are simple and easy to use which is a very helpful in an endless runner.

Bird Mania Party - 1

The game sadly offers no information or tutorials on how the scoring system works, which I felt was a missed opportunity. From what I have played, scoring is based on multipliers and chaining them to create bigger multipliers for big points. For example, if you dash attack into a flying enemy you will earn x1 multiplier – rinse and repeat to chain multipliers and keep going until the multiplier ends either when there are no more enemies on the screen for you to attack within a very short window of opportunity of a few seconds. You can earn multipliers with balloons as well, but they are classed as score enhancers. Also, there are enemies that will kill your multipliers, like the bees… so beware of the bees!

Bird Mania Party - 3

The environmental effects are awesome. Bird Mania Party has got a day and night cycle and the change back and forth is really beautiful. There are also weather effects that impact the gameplay – for example, rain causes you to lose altitude. I really liked this as it kept things fresh as I played.

Bird mania Party Rain

The color palette for Bird Mania Party is very bright and vibrant with various pastel colors, and at night various shades of dark colours enter the scene, making night time look really good. The developers deserve credit for such high-quality graphics, because the level of polish is very good.

Bird Mania Party, as an endless runner, is designed only for short bursts of play and is not really a suitable game for marathon sessions. You can also play the game in Off-TV mode, which I did for the purpose of this review. The Off-TV play is perfect for this kind of game, and the graphics are just as good on the smaller screen as they are on the big screen.

Bird Mania Party - 2

For a game with such pretty graphics and brilliant weather dynamics, the $1.99 asking price is an absolute steal. The game is pretty short but very challenging, and it’ll take a while for you to get all the in-game achievements, so lots of replayability right there for the hardcore completionists.

Bird Mania Party - Full Multiplayer

Bird Mania Party can be a perfect party game with friends and family as well since up to five players can play online and compete for spots on the leaderboards. The best thing is that the leaderboard updates automatically with your best score, so if you play solo or multiplayer your scores will automatically be logged.

[review pros=”Funky music.
Fun co-op or online play.
Great graphics.” cons=”No extra unlockables” score=80]

This review is based on a copy of Bird Mania Party provided by Teyon.