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Infinium Strike Coming To PS4 Later In The Year


Infinium Strike, a new release from Codex Worlds – an indie studio formed by former members of Ubisoft, will be making its way to PlayStation 4 this year! This is a strategy/action hybrid set in the distant future: the Wrog, a group of aliens, will stop at nothing to annihilate mankind, so its up to the members of the Freedom Strike to take one last stand against them. Humanity’s last hope is in this massive battlecarrier, and it is your task to use all the weapons and resources at hand to triumph over the alien forces!



As chief weapons officer of the Freedom Strike, it is up to the player to maintain the spaceship’s defenses as the Wrog attack from four sides. The player is given a wide selection of weapons systems to utilize on the four battlefronts, including:

Turrets – Employ eight types of automatically firing weapons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages for particular classes of enemy ships. Building or upgrading turrets requires Infinium.
Fleets of battleships – Send a swarm of heavily armed spaceships to attack the Wrog. Deploying battleships requires fleet points, which are accumulated over time.
SuperTech – The most powerful weapon in a player’s arsenal, SuperTech can do everything from increasing resources collected from destroyed Wrog to attacking every ship in a quadrant. SuperTech has a 90-second cooldown.

We look forward to learning more about Infinium Strike, and hopefully we can work on a review for the game later in the year!