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[Zen Pinball 2 Vita Review] Aliens vs. Pinball

Aliens vs. Pinball

Aliens vs. Pinball is a compilation of three different Pinball Tables for Zen Pinball. As was the case with previous Zen Pinball releases, this purchase is three-way cross-buy, meaning you can download the table on all your Playstation devices!

Aliens vs. Pinball is comprised of three distinct tables. In Aliens pinball, team up with the Colonial Marines as Ellen Ripley on a pinball table based on ALIENS, the 1986 blockbuster film. Face your fears and take on a deadly Alien threat on the Sevastopol Space Station as Amanda Ripley in the Alien: Isolation pinball table and feel the rush of the hunt as a young Yautja warrior in Alien vs. Predator pinball.

Featuring characters from the hit film franchise including Ellen Ripley, Aliens vs. Pinball offers a dynamic interpretation of the terrifying atmosphere and white-knuckle situations that have made the ALIEN Anthology one of the most popular, frightening and enduring franchises in science-fiction.


Table: Aliens Pinball

As you start this table, you have to select if you want the mission order from the original movie or a custom order. I preferred the custom order because I was able to select which mission I could do every time! The table itself is mainly grey and blue, and because of this, I thought that the ball was hard to follow sometimes. The table has a big 3D alien in the background, and if you’re lucky, you can damage him if you aim well enough.

I unlocked a sub-quest in which I had to drive a tank in a hallway having crates on the way. I didn’t manage to get very far though because it was difficult to anticipate where the obstacles were, and using the L2 and R2 triggers to navigate felt awkward. The voice acting and soundtrack were taken from the source material and were awesome!


Table: Alien vs Predators Pinball

This board is a lot more colorful than the first one, and was also a blast to play. I preferred the design of this board over the previous one since the color palette was more full. Another thing that stunned me was the rich sound effects this board has, and the background music was also great to listen to!

One of the unlockable side-quest involves matching monoliths together to unlock a greater score, and another one was a spinning wheel in which pinball balls need to be shot. You’ll earn a big boost to your score if the balls hit the targets!

This was my favorite board of the three pinball packs bundled in this package, and was very fun to play!


Table: Alien: Isolation Pinball

This last table is also colorful but felt a little smaller than the two other. In this table, there is a quest in which you must hit the “jackpot” word a few times to unlock enemies on the board. Hitting all of them then yields massive points. Apart from that, the board was fairly standard and I thought it was less entertaining than the second one.


[review pros=”Great for fans of the Aliens franchise.
Three-way Cross-Buy” cons=”Alien: Isolation Pinball table was less fun” score=75]



This review is based on a digital copy of the Aliens Vs. Pinball table pack provided by Zen Studios.