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[Review Revisited] Mystic Chronicles

Mystic Chronicles Review Revisited

Mystic Chronicles is an old-school RPG developed by Kemco and launched in the US thanks to Natsume. It is currently available for the PS Vita and PSP (but since the PSP store is no longer available directly from your PSP you’ll have to use other options to get the game to your previous-gen Sony portable if you really want to play it there). Is it a fun RPG, even after it hits most of the genre clichés (abandoned orphan who can’t remember his past, young mysterious girl that is found by the group, defending the world from destruction, etc.)?


Mystic Chronicles RPG

The game breaks from the mold thanks to its unique battle system where party members can for a pact with guardian beasts that can then in turn attack, defend or heal their master or the whole party, all depending on the tactics set for each of the guardian beast. This definitely kept me interested in the game since it was very different from other RPGs I had played.

You can read the original review right here.


Have you tried this game either on the PlayStation Portable or the PlayStation Vita? What did you like about the game? What did you hate? Let us know in the comments below!