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[PS4 Review] KOI

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Your lake is being polluted, and your finny friends need your help… Something upstream is rather fishy! Find out what it is and save the lake in KOI!


KOI is an adventure and exploration game revolving around a little fish on an epic journey. Players will assume the role of a lone koi fish and travel through 8 different levels where they will have to explore and discover, avoid hazards, help out smaller koi, complete mini-games and collect rare items.

Prepare yourself to enter the world where simplicity of style is combined with depth of emotion. Be ready to explore a variety of different environments, ranging from serene blue ponds to dark and dank underground waters. These waters will show you the way, but will also contain danger, confusion… and ultimately an answer.

Combining different kinds of gameplay with a unique design and an immersing soundtrack, KOI will offer an experience where Zen meets skill and tranquility meets excitement. All of which set against a background of a world mysteriously tainted.

Can you find your way home?

KOI – Intro Trailer | PS4

KOI is a relaxing exploration/puzzle game. You are a fish and something in your pond has gone wrong. Flowers aren’t blooming, and some of the other fish have mutated into big black ones that are attacking other fish. Seems to be pollution is setting into the water and you need to find the cause of it.


The game is very simple with 8 quick levels that will not take you long to complete. That being said, KOI is about the journey and not about the destination. As a fish you can find other colored Koi fish and guide them to the corresponding matching colored flowers in order to helping them bloom, and as you do this, more paths will open for you.

You simply guide the fish around with the left analog stick and interact with objects with the circle button. It’s very easy to control – so easy that, in fact, my 5-year-old picked it up and enjoyed it quite a bit. In each level, there are hidden puzzle pieces as well hidden stars. It can take quite a bit to find them all, and since there is not hud or info on the pause menu letting you know how many you are at, I often had to keep track of them in my head.


The game has a very minimalistic art style, focusing on flat textures and simple character design. However, it turns out to be a great choice as the game looks beautiful. The worlds take you from sunny nice waters to more polluted areas, and then to a level covered in stars. The music is subdued but very ambient. It keeps you moving through the levels, matching the feel of each of the levels really well as you progress through the game.

The game itself reminded me quite a bit of thatgamecompany’s title “Flower”. It is another simple, smaller title with social commentary on the environment, but is able to create a relaxing experience.


Final Thoughts

KOI is a great gaming experience. The game is short but doesn’t need to be huge, as it tells a great story. My only major issue is the lack of letting you know how many of the collectibles you have in each level. For $9.99 though you are getting a great package with the game and the theme bundled in with it.

pros=”Excellent Minimalistic Art Style
Great Ambient Music
Excellent exploration” cons=”Lacking a hud to show collectables” score=85]

Cost: $9.99

PSN Game size: 315 MB

You can purchase KOI from the PSN store


This review is based on a PS4 copy of KOI provided by Oasis Games Limited


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