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[PS4 Review In Progress] SMITE – Part 2


Welcome to the second part of our review in progress for SMITE! If you missed part 1, you can check that at this link. And if you’re ready to continue come right in so we can continue talking about this very fun PlayStation 4 early access game!


Let’s discuss the best part of Smite: the game modes. Currently, there are six game modes with an extra mode being the daily challenge that you can tackle every single day for bonuses. Each day you log in and play Smite you can earn extra bonuses just for logging in. Isn’t that great?

The biggest and largest game mode is Conquest, which is a 5v5 arena battle – you choose a god, level them up, earn XP and gold and aim to work as a team and take out the towers and the final boss to gain a victory. Players will be able to roam and kill special creeps in here for some pretty excellent buffs, but they are only short-term buffs so do make them count. Conquest mode is the most competitive of all modes and probably the most challenging.


Next up is Arena mode which is a 5vs5 Colosseum arena competitive mode, similar to a death match mode. Each team is given 500 tickets at the start of a match, and the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of the tickets of the other team to zero in order to win. Killing an enemy god reduces 5 tickets, and hitting an enemy minion reduces 1 ticket, Escorting a friendly juggernaut to the enemy portal reduces 15 tickets. There are no towers and no lanes, making this purely a deathmatch mode. I feel this mode will probably be one of the more popular modes in SMITE.


The next one is Assault mode where two teams of five compete against each other in a single lane. The main goal is to destroy all enemy structures and put an end to the Titan – there is just one lane, two towers, and one Phoenix. The game generates a random god for each player, and because of this element you need to familiarize yourself with the gods in the game, because you could very easily end up with a god that you are completely unfamiliar with, and that can go wrong for you. You can re-roll for another god at a price of x amount of gold or favor, so do keep that in mind.

Next is Joust, which is a 3vs3 mode. There is only one lane that is protected by one Phoenix and one tower, and the goal is to destroy the tower and the Titan. There is also a unique boss to defeat, and the team that defeats him will gain special short-term buffs.


The next mode is Clash. In this mode, there’s a duel lane with a small jungle and a central camp, where a 5v5 battle takes place. This mode is kind of in the middle between the Conquest and Arena modes, and the aim is to diminish defenses of your opponent to be able to defeat the Titan to win.

The next mode is Siege where you’ll play on a large map with two lanes, and the aim is to destroy your opponent’s towers and Titan. Simple and to the point. This mode is unlocked when you reach level 5 (and the same goes for assault mode), so you’ll probably be playing this a lot early on.

Finally there is the match of the day which presents players with a new daily challenge each day you log in and play, thus keeping the experience fresh as the game pushes you to try many of its modes on a daily basis.


Aside from all of the above when players hit a certain level, the will be able to unlock quests. Upon completing a quest you will gain bonuses, and the amount of said bonuses will depend on the type of quest you complete.

Smite is a big and hardcore game. It is best to play the tutorials and keep away from ranked matches until you are confident in your abilities. I would stick to AI matches or co-op matches with friends until you improve your game and have good skills and abilities to put up a good fight since there’s a lot to learn and take in.

Have you tried SMITE already? What do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments below!