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[Beyond PlayStation] SUPER ROBO MOUSE


Beyond PlayStation - Super Robo Mouse

SUPER ROBO MOUSE is a puzzle adventure game starring a titanium mouse who goes in search of his titanium cheese which is scattered through several levels. Are you up to the challenge?


My first impressions upon booting the game for the first time was “WOW, this looks like a lot of fun!” And despite the cutesy look of the game, it is a very challenging release where one false move will reset the level and make you repeat everything up to that point.

Super Robo Mouse - 1

Each level is like a maze, and you have to navigate each one using the analog stick on the Wii U GamePad. The levels are full of traps that can end your mouse’s life in an instant, so being careful and experiencing a lot of trial and error is required.

Super Robo Mouse - 2

The goal of SUPER ROBO MOUSE is to pass through the mazes collecting all the titanium cheese to open the exit. The first level was hard but, and while the number of traps was minimal, it was high enough for me to die several times. Due to the difficulty curve, every time you complete a level you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.


As for the hazards and traps, you’ll run into spinning blades, electrical wires, turrets that shoot at you and more. Some games provide a healthy challenge with a steady increase in difficulty, like Klaus or Super Meat Boy, but in SUPER ROBO MOUSE the challenge is evident from the get go. Each level will take more than a few minutes to complete, providing many hours of gameplay.

Super Robo Mouse - 3

One of the things I liked about the titanium mouse is it looks like an actual computer mouse that has been coated in titanium. I thought that was a pretty fun touch! The maze background colors are quite light and look like ceramic tiles with metal or titanium passageways. The design is quite nice, and I liked what it had to offer.

Super Robo Mouse - 4

One last thing. I love hearing the sound effects in a game – on any game I play. Sound effects are kind of expected. If the rain falls you hear sounds that mimic that. If an explosion occurs, you want to hear that boom. But in SUPER ROBO MOUSE there are absolutely no sound effects, which I thought was really unusual. You would expect a titanium mouse to make metallic clanging sounds as it hits the walls, or shooting noises from the turrets? Right? Nope and nope.

pros=”Lovely art style.
Good amount of content.” cons=”No sound effects.
Mouse feels a bit slippery.” score=72]

This review is based on an European copy of SUPER ROBO MOUSE provided by RCMADIAX