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[PS4] D/Generation HD Review


D/Generation HD is a remake of the Amiga 1991 classic, giving us a release that allows us to experience the original vision with an HD makeover – the games looks much more realistic than it did in 1991. The textures and color palette have been upscaled, so it looks a little more lifelike, and the differences between the two versions are quite amazing. It’s definitely worth the price tag, but the question is, does the game play better than the original Amiga classic? That is what we are about to find out!


In the near future, a company called Genoq has developed a range of bioweapons that have escaped into the company’s headquarters.

Your character is a jetpack courier that has to deliver an important package to Genoq’s leading researcher, Derrida, and is oblivious to the danger until the doors lock behind him.

He has to fight his way through ten floors of grenade turrets, electrified panels, laser fences and all the mutant bioweapons to deliver his package and find out how to escape.

You are in your apartment in Paris relaxing when you get a phone call from Jean-Paul Derrida, who is in a panicked state. He asks you to deliver a package to him via Jetpack, so you fly to the Genoq building where Derrida is a scientist in biological warfare weapons. You soon discover when you get there that there has been a security breach and the building has been locked down. You are stuck on the 80th floor, and your job is to rescue everybody in the building.

DGeneration - 1

Once you are in the building and the gate locks behind you, the camera view switches to an isometric view, so you have a bird’s eye view. The first room you enter presents you with your first hazard – a biological turret which looks like some sort of worm, and you can’t shoot at it… but you can find the switch to make it go into the ground. When that is done, you will also take care of your first rescue.

DGeneration - 2

Each floor gives you a set number of people to find and rescue. You can, of course, choose to kill everyone in the building, and there is even a trophy for rescuing everyone or killing everyone, adding some replay value for those who like to 100% a game. You also have a number of things to destroy on each floor. Each floor also has a set number of rooms you can clear. The game clearly offers a lot for the players to do!

The first few rooms are on the easy side and are there to give you a taste of what the game is all about. Some of the later rooms are real brain teasers with lots of enemies to encounter, and you will have to overcome lasers, bouncing slimes and turrets like the one you saw earlier. Some rooms will be infested with enemies and traps! The game does provide a good a mount of challenge and the puzzles require that you think outside the box. Sometimes your weapons can help a little since your bullets ricochet so if standing in the correct position you could hit a
[adsfar away switch that will enable you to progress further.

DGeneration - 3

You can have conversations with the survivors you meet during the game, and sometimes you will have multiple questions to ask. Sometimes the survivors will have clues to solving some of the more taxing puzzles. It is worth striking up a conversation with everybody you rescue, because you never know what you might learn!

A word of warning, though: a survivor can die just as easily as you so if you step on an electric plate at the wrong time it’s goodnight for the survivor. Remember, each room is full of traps, so even if you manage to despatch all the enemies in a room you still have to contend with navigating the hazards to avoid obstacles that can put an end to their life. You will see a red arrow at each entrance of the room, and that is the survivor’s exit to safety.

DGeneration - 4

You start the game with five lives, and once you have used them all up you have to start back on the current floor you are on. The survivors you save are lost, so you will need to rescue all of them again. It is worth knowing that for every survivor you rescue and take to the exit you get an extra life.

The one thing that really annoyed me about the game is the control setup can be a little confusing. The square button is for talking to survivors, and X button is for shooting, while the L1 and R1 are for the side menus – opening or closing them – and the triggers are for the weapons menu. I really don’t like the set up very much and found it a bt uncomfortable. An option to re-map the controller to our preferred setup would have gone down nicely.

DGeneration - 5

D/Generation HD is a good and very minimalist game that is fun to play. Thanks to its full HD makeover everything looks better, making this a solid PS4 release. The game also includes a full trophy count with a Platinum trophy that will keep trophy hunters busy for a while.

[review pros=”Full HD makeover.
Hours of fun.” cons=”No option to re-map controls” score=80]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of D/Generation HD provided by West Coast Software.