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XCOM 2 Coming To PS4


Firaxis Games has made an announcement that is sure to make strategy fans – such as myself – very happy: XCOM 2 is making its way to the PlayStation 4, and it will be happening this year! The game will be released on September 6, and we have the console announcement trailer to prove it.

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Garth DeAngelis, Lead Producer on XCOM 2, had this to say:

XCOM 2 is a behemoth of a game. From a high-level, our open-ended strategy layer offers up interesting player choices that can only be made with the help of your new flying headquarters. Then, you’ll get your soldiers’ hands dirty in the tactical game’s new procedural maps and gameplay, ensuring an unpredictable setting and challenge every mission. To complement the procedural nature of the game, the visual fidelity has taken leaps and bounds, allowing for dynamic lighting, weather and time of day. And of course, the basis for an XCOM experience is rooted in meaningful, fun challenges and consequences, which are still fully intact (trust me).


We’re very much looking forward to learning more about XCOM 2 on PlayStation 4, and we’re sure you are as well, so be sure to stick around at where we’ll share all news on the game as we get them!