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Valley Coming To PS4 This Summer


Indie team Blue Isle Studios has gotten in touch with us to announce that they’ll be releasing Valley this summer on PlayStation 4. To learn more about what the game is set to offer, be sure to check the video below, straight from Blue Isle Studios. The video is around seven minutes long and gives us an extended look at what the dev is trying to do with this new release.


Garett Marks from Blue Isle Studios had this to say:

As you’ll see in the video, intrepid players can do some truly incredible things as they seek to further uncover the mysteries of the valley: give life to dying trees and animals; leap the distance of an entire football field; swing through a Pathfinder training forest of ginormous trees; and even defend oneself against some mysterious enemies. These are just some of the many awesome things you’ll be able to do as you explore the ancient depths of the valley, all the while keeping both it and yourself alive.


Players will be able to leap to great heights, explore secretive spaces, battle dangerous foes and even bring back the dead thanks to the powers of the L.E.A.F. Suit.

Be sure to stick around at where we’ll keep you updated on all news for Valley as well as for other releases from Blue Isle Studios.