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[Review Revisited] King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember

Kings Quest A Knight To Remember

I remember seeing the trailer for the new King’s Quest release and instantly wanting to learn more about it. King’s Quest is a game series that goes way back to the 1980’s when Roberta Williams, co-founder of Sierra Entertainment, created the long-running and fantastic series. King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember is the first episode in a reboot of the series for current gen consoles, developed by The Odd Gentlemen.


Tracey was the one who ended up reviewing the game for the site, and you can find her original review right here.

As you can tell from the game’s trailer, King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember is gorgeous looking game, and on top of that it’s also a fun adventure release that pays homage to the many King’s Quest games before it while still bringing something new to the table.

Trophy hunters used to how most episodic adventure releases nowadays (most of which come from Telltale Games) feature unmissable trophies (since they’re awarded by moving the story forward), those playing King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember will find it a bit hard to get all trophies since so many of them are missable, but since each episode is great and short (around 2-3 hours or so), you’ll quickly be able to go back to the start to try some different things here and there to unlock the rest of the trophies.