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[PS4] 101 Ways To Die Review

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Have you ever played Lemmings? It’s a game where you save the little green haired guys from certain death. Well, 101 Ways To Die could be described as Lemmings in reverse, since instead of saving the little guys you have to find lots of different ways to send them to their deaths. Come read our 101 Ways To Die Review to learn more about this great game!


Right now I can tell you that 101 Ways To Die is a very very good game and that finding all the different ways to send the Splatts to their deaths is really fun. On the whole, this is very comical game Uin a macabre sort of way, and you will often find yourself chuckling at some of the deaths and combos you’ll work on.

The story is about an aging scientist called Ernst Splattunfuder who is a little bit on the unstable side. He has spent his entire life working on a tome which has 101 pages for different Splatt killing recipes, but after an experiment goes horribly wrong Dr. Splattunfuder’s tome os destroyed. He has now hired you as his lab assistant to replicate the killings and find the missing pages that are scattered in all 50 levels.

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The mechanics are quite simple: the green pumps produce a limited number of Splatts (the little guys you have to kill), and the goal for them is to survive the trap infested levels you will create so they can reach the red pump. For you to succeed only a set number of Splatts are allowed to survive before you fail a level. You will have access to a set of tools given to you at the start of each level, and you have to be creative about how you kill the Splatts. Each level has multiple solutions, and that is part of the fun since the game allows you to experiment. There is no time limit so you can take your time and think strategically.


With the tools you are given at the start of each level you will have to carefully plan where to place the traps. When you enter set up mode the screen turns black and white. Red outlines mean you cannot place any traps there, but you are free to place them on the white outlines. Because you have a limited amount of space to place the traps, it will force you to think a bit outside the box, and the fact you can’t just place traps willy nilly adds a bit of challenge to the game.

The traps at your disposal vary from level to level, and can range from something as simple as green slime to radio controlled explosives, and everything in between. A huge arsenal of traps will unlock through natural gameplay, and each level will provide you will a default choice of traps. One of the best tools you will have is the cake! As soon as a Splatt sees one they will make a beeline for it, no matter how far they are, which makes the space next to the cake the perfect place to put a trap or two!

The game is very funny, and some of the deaths you witness will have you chuckling for a while! The animations are first class and without it, I don’t think the game would be as funny. Out of all the Splatts in the game the Tanks are the toughest ones and take several hits before they go down – they are also the slowest, so be sure to use hard-hitting traps or better still help them slip into the lovely lava pits! The Rapids are quite fast and take a couple of hits to take down, so you need to be clever when facing them. The ordinary Splatts are easy to kill since they only take one hit, and most traps can take them out pretty quick, but you must always make sure that your setup will kill as many of them as possible in one go!

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Each level has a set of graduate and master objectives – these give the game some replay value. The graduate objectives are quite easy to achieve as they are along the lines of “kill a certain Splatt in a certain way” or of the “only allow x number of Splatts to escape.” The master challenges, on the other hand, will involve killing Splatts with a certain combination of tools and that is the challenge iteself, because only one solution works and you have to find the correct one!

4 Door Lemon, the developers behind 101 Ways To Die, has produced a brilliantly fun game. The level design is very clever, and the team has clearly put its heart and soul into making this game for us. I had an absolute blast doing my 101 Ways to Die review, and even though I haven’t achieved the Platinum trophy yet, I’m very close to it!

pros=”Very fun and deadly gameplay.
Great animations.” cons=”HUD text is very small!” score=87]

This review is based on a copy of 101 Ways to Die provided by Vision Games Publishing LT