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[Beyond PlayStation] Epic Dumpster Bear Review


Beyond PlayStation - Epic Dumpster Bear

Epic Dumpster Bear on Wii U places players in control of a brown bear that has been traumatized by an evil corporation who has destroyed its home He was forced to eat out of trash bins and dumpster, until he grew tired of scavenging for food. The bear decides to “get even” in a fun platformer package. Come check our Epic Dumpster Bear Review to learn more about the game!


As a bear, you run or walk on two feet instead of four, and because of that, there are some comedic elements introduced to the game. Some platforming requires precise jumps to reach platforms that are too high for a standard jump, and you must either jump on an enemy to jump higher or use rails to gain momentum. After going fast enough you can jump higher, and there are also red bounce pads that can be used to combo jump to higher ground. Epic Dumpster Bear is a challenging but very fun platformer, and I had a hard time putting down my gamepad, I continued playing until the battery went dead due to its addictive nature.

Coins are scattered throughout all levels and collecting them gives you an opportunity to buy an extra life. You start the game with just two lives, but you can buy an extra one with the coins you collect. A new life will cost you 50 coins, and you can also find lives in trash bins which also act as checkpoints at the halfway point in a level. Each level also includes three red coins to collect, and are quite often a great challenge.

Epic Dumpster Bear - 1

When you arrive at the end of a level, you will see a red and white target on the ground, and if you belly flop as close to the center as possible you will net more points. There are also puzzle levels that require coins to unlock. They’re similar to standard levels but with a twist, since both the Wii U Gamepad and the TV are needed to play. The Wii U GamePad has four big colored buttons that can be pressed to move the objects of the corresponding color as you try to get tot he exit.

Epic Dumpster Bear - 2

Epic Dumpster Bear has plenty of content to keep players busy for hours there. The game has plenty of enemies to watch out for as well, such as seagulls who poop on you, crocodiles who try and eat you, flying robots that shoot at you, and more. I loved the comic book cutscenes and the overall look of the game and the gameplay is very tight and solid. The price is also very good for the amount of content on offer, and if you are a completionist you will spend some extra time replaying levels to get those rare red coins.

pros=”Solid gameplay
Lots of levels.” cons=”No major complaints” score=82]

This review is based on a EU Wii U copy of Epic Dumpster bear provided by Log Games.