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Assault Suit Leynos Coming To PS4 This Month

Assault Suit Leynos Logo

Rising Star Games and Dracue are currently hard at work on the PlayStation 4 release of Assault Suit Leynos, and we now have a great trailer to show you how the game is making the jump to Sony’s home console in style! The game will be available only as a digital release, at a $19.99 launch price.


For newcomers, Assault Suit Leynos provides a rewarding learning curve. With patience and proficiency, you’ll begin to make headway into the game in no time, discovering your favorite weapon loadouts to choose for the mission, and enjoying the game’s climactic set pieces and anime sci-fi story. There’s also the opportunity to apply various gameplay modifiers to customize your experience the way you want it.

As a team made up of fairly core gamers, here at Rising Star Games we’re honored to bring this classic from our childhoods to a new generation of console and a new community of gamers.

Assault Suit Leynos Reveal

We look forward to playing the game this month, and if all goes according to plan we’ll be bringing you a review for Assault Suit Leynos close to its launch so that you can learn if it lives up to the original version and if you should add it to your collection!