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[PS Vita] Green Game: Timeswapper Review

Green Game Timeswapper Review

Green Game: Timeswapper is a very challenging 2D arcade puzzler, and is a direct sequel to The Red Game Without A Great Name, which released in 2015. For the sequel iFun4All has moved everything to green (hence the name). Want to learn more? Then read our Green Game: Timeswapper review!


As I said the game is green, the background vegetation is black, and the collectibles are yellow – the colors seem to fit the theme of the game perfectly, with some variations in hues as you enter new areas. The goal of the game is to manipulate time as you try to get a mechanical bird to the end of a level. With one swipe of a finger, you can control how things behave, changing where, when and how the bird goes. Grabbing all collectibles before reaching the exit is the way to go if you want to 100% the game, and this is how you’ll spend most of your time, trying to do a perfect run for each of the many available levels.

Green Game Timeswapper - 1

The Green Game: Timeswapper is really easy to pick up and play since all you need to worry about is swiping to manipulate time. During the game’s 50 levels, the difficulty will greatly escalate, but at a steady pace. Do expect to die a lot, though, since the game is rooted in trial and error.

Green Game Timeswapper - 2

The bird moves on its own, a mechanic seen most often in runner games, but luckily the bird moves at a very slow pace. You can change the path it moves in by manipulating time to switch the various contraptions so that they turn on and off as needed so that you can aim to collect all the yellow gears in a level. Each of the game’s level is short and to the point, which is why there are no checkpoints. If you die at any point during the level, you have to start again.

Green Game Timeswapper - 3

The game really tests your reflexes as you do need to adjust on the go as needed. despite the minimalist style and mechanics of the game you will get a good challenge! Some may find it a tad frustrating, but overall it is a good puzzler. I really love the green steampunk world theme. If you’re looking for a puzzler that you can play for a few hours as you solve some puzzles here and there or in a single go, after writing this Green Game: Timeswapper review I can definitely recommend the game since the price is perfect for the amount of content you get.

Green Game Timeswapper - 4

pros=”Great green Steampunk setting.
50 levels.
Addictive.” cons=”Might be a little frustrating for some.” score=83]

This review is based on a PS Vita copy of Green Game: Timeswapper provided by iFun4all.