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[PS4] Furi Review

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Furi from The Game Bakers is a great looking and fast-paced action game currently available on PlayStation 4. It mixes a very nice art style with a healthy dose of a challenge that will test even the best gamers out there. Should you grab it or is this one to skip? Come read our Furi review to find out!


Furi could be described as a hardcore twin-stick action shooter, since you use the right stick to aim and shoot, but there’s more to the game than that. You can also dodge around with the X button to escape from danger, and once the action gets into close-range mode, you can hold down on the Square button to charge a slash that, if used right, will stun your opponent! You can boost your attacks, use charge shots with the R2 button, and more!

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You start the game under capture but are soon are released by a mysterious character with a weird and fuzzy rabbit mask. He tells you that you must kill the jailer in order to gain your freedom, so of you go to the top of the stairs and into your first arena battle. This first battle will serve as the game’s tutorial, where you’ll get to try all of the every trick at your disposal, learning how to time dodges and parries just right to open up your opponent to a massive world of hurt.

Furi - 2

The game includes three difficulty settings, one of which is locked until you have finished the game at least once. The easy difficulty is called Promenade, and it allows players who aren’t as skillful to enjoy the story and learn more about the game without feeling overwhelmed – the catch being that trophies won’t unlock while playing in Promenade. The regular difficulty is called Furi, and it is the experience that the developers want players to have. The final setting is Furier, and it will challenge even the best players with its considerable difficulty bump.


Between boss fights, you will get to learn more about the main character, his motivation and the reason why he was trapped and why they want to keep him locked away. The mysterious rabbit-headed man will be your guide, your companion, and your guru, so be sure to pay attention to what he has to say.

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Furi is a premium digital release, and as such it includes a full trophy count. As expected, there are trophies for completing the game on the hardest difficulty setting and for obtaining and A and an S rank for Story mode, but there’s also trophies for defeating a guardian in less than 5 minutes, defeating a guardian without taking a single hit (good luck with that one!), completing speed runs at crazy fast limits, completing each part of story mode, and more.

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I had a blast doing this Furi review. The game is very addictive, and it kept me going for a while as I defeated boss after insane boss. The character design is top-notch, the music is surreal and energetic but fitting, and the gameplay is fun and hectic. I highly recommend that you add Furi to your collection. You will not be disappointed!

[review pros=”Great art style.
Fun gameplay mechanics.
Excellent music.” cons=”Challenge might be a bit overwhelming for some” score=87]


This review is based on a copy of Furi provided by The Game Bakers.

* Furi is available as one of the free PlayStation Plus games for July 2016, so if you don’t have a PS+ subscription, now’s the perfect time to sign up because Furi costs $24.99, which is half the cost of a year of PS+! I highly recommend the game at full price (as you can see above), so getting it for free is a no-brainer.