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[Beyond PlayStation] Tachyon Project Review


Tachyon Project Header Image

Tachyon Project is a twin stick arena based shooter currently available on the Wii U, that is challenging and very frantic. The graphics are very pretty with lots of neon colors and shapes in all sizes that cover the entire screen. There is a little bit of a Geometry Wars vibe to it, so come read our Tachyon Project review to find out why this is a very fun game!


In Tachyon Project you control Ada, a software program designed to hack secure servers in Earth. After some strange events occur, she is thrown out of the servers, and when she tries to get back in she realizes she can’t. This sets her on a quest to discover the truth about the creators of her program.

Tachyon Project Review - 1

Upon starting the game, you enter a tutorial that teaches you the basics of how to play the game. You will learn how to move around the grid, how to fire (with the right stick), and how to use your secondary weapons with the R and ZR shoulder trigger and buttons. The tutorial is very good and very easy to understand, but the game itself is hard to master.

Tachyon Project Review - 2

Unlike many twin stick shooters, Tachyon Project allows you to level up as you go, so you start out with a bare-bones and simple ship with very few abilities and very low firepower. As you progress, you will unlock new weapons and abilities you can use to customize your ship, making it better and stronger. You will definitely need to take advantage of this as the levels will get incredibly tough, and fast! You can unlock mines, health upgrades, lasers and more. You can also earn boosts for your weapons, speed, secondary weapons, etc.


There is a lot of freedom for you to experimentation with the unlockable stuff. You can opt for total precision or pure firepower, or maybe you’d like to go on the defensive. The possibilities are endless, and the game does a great job of offering an experience that can be tailored to your specific gaming style.

Tachyon Project is short game with only ten levels to play, but they are split into multi-objective levels, introducing an onslaught of enemies into your path. To make the game more interesting, there are boss battles as well to test your skills.

Tachyon Project Review - 3

Thankfully the game has generous checkpoints that are usually triggered after completing an objective. Each level has a fixed number of objectives to complete, and the difficulty ramps up with each objective so you can imagine what your time in the later levels will be like. Should you die you will simply respawn at the latest activated checkpoint, but your score will reset to zero, so don’t die!

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Tachyon Project is a game that requires a lot of patience and perseverance. To be able to top the leaderboards you will need to be an ‘elite’ player. If you manage to tackle story mode with ease, you can try your hand at Story mode+ which is even harder. The replayabilty lies in the challenges which can even be tackled with a friend in local co-op.

Tachyon Project Review - 5

Did I have fun working on my Tachyon Project review? Yes. Is the game for everyone? No. This is a fun release, but it can be too frustrating for some. If you’re a fan of twin stick shooters then you’re going to love this one.

[review pros=”Fun, fast-paced gameplay
Great music.
Fantastic graphics.” cons=”Frustrating for those new to the genre” score=80]


This review is based on a EU Wii U copy of Tachyon Project provided by The Eclipse Games.